A Look Into ““Ye Olde Tyme”” Rock N’ Roll Revival XXIX


Students Discuss The Behind The Scenes Of Rock N’Roll Revival XXIX

Severna Park High School puts on many productions, but one show that any native can tell you about is Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival. The show is a collection of dances and songs to music that is at least 20 years old. Rock ‘N’ Roll is in its 29th year, and this year’s theme is “Ye Olde Tyme,” consisting of dragons, cowboys and royalty – oh my!

More than 240 people auditioned and about 100 people made it in the show. This year, they will introduce sensory-friendly aspects by having four songs signed by members of the American Sign Language class. In addition to that, there will be highly anticipated dances, especially a tap number.

The show is directed by four-year seniors (seniors who have been involved with Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival for all four years of high school) Alena Carhart and Rachel Kalafos, and produced by two-year senior Miles Michalski. The band is led by three-year senior Josh Lyon, who also directed the band for the fall production, “Oklahoma!” The student choreographers are Ella Collings, Clare Gentile and Elizabeth Hines. The student tech director is Louis Cannon, the lighting director is Casey Clements and the sound director is Julia Brierley. “I help teach other students how to run the sound equipment,” Brierley said. “I also take care of the music so that the audience hears with my fellow student audio technicians.”

Makeup and hair is led by Olivia Carhart and Maryelle Fontaine. “After being on makeup crew for the last couple years, it is nice being able to share this experience with newcomers, since Rock ‘N’ Roll is something I have always been accustomed to,” Olivia Carhart said.

The show will include a set list of 38 songs, which features music by powerhouses such as Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Madonna and many more. The show also has some lively dances that will encourage the audience to get up and move.

“Something really awesome that is in the show is a live student band,” three-year junior Liz O’Neill said. “Many people are surprised that the band is so good; it’s truly just really talented high school students.”

The technical aspects of the show cannot be revealed, so the audience can experience it for the first time when they see the production. The hair, makeup and costumes are also a highlight of the show. Many parents and alumni help with costumes.

“There’s just a feeling that comes along with RNR season,” said three-year junior Kalli Bellotte. “It is kind of like waiting for Christmas as a little kid. From seeing who is singing what song to trying on costumes to seeing the set, there is a lot to be excited about.”

The show is a celebration of talent that brings people together no matter what their outside interests are. “Rock ‘N’ Roll has impacted my life because I have made so many friendships, to the point where I can walk down the hallway or somewhere in town and see people with completely different interests from me and get to say hi and just know that we share something that very little people have the ability to share,” said two-year sophomore Emily Allgair.

Mark your calendars for the shows, which will run March 15-18 and 22-24. You can order tickets at www.sphsdrama.com. Tickets cost $15 but donations are encouraged for the thespian charity, Sarah’s House, an emergency shelter that provides support for victims of abuse and recovering addicts.

“The show is amazing because there is something for all ages,” said four-year senior Bianca Radice. “It appeals to everyone, and the smiles on every person’s face who is involved with the production is truly a sight to see.”


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