We’ve Got Questions, You’ve Got Answers


Santa Claus is running a pretty efficient operation. Somehow he manages to keep track of every child all the over the world, deliver presents for them, and stay out of sight the entire time. We’re impressed. Especially because nobody seems to know how he’s managing to do it all.

So, we turned to our readers for answers. We posted a few questions we had about Santa on our Facebook page to see whether any local residents could chime in and provide an explanation. Some of you were even able to ask your children for their theories.

Here are a few answers to the mysteries of Santa Claus.

How does Santa get the reindeer to fly?

Santa knows Tinkerbell and has used her dust to get them to fly.

Rita Crawford

Special reindeer diet.

Megan Gutierrez

How does Santa make it to every mall in the world?

He has helpers.

Rita Crawford

My girls, Kiley and Caroline, would tell people, “The real Santa hires Santas in training to do the malls and other events. Except the one at Park Plaza. Ms. Barbara at Side Street Framers is good friends with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Brandy Curran

The mall Santas are special helpers who report to the North Pole.

Julie Fling Irons

Where did the elves come from and why did Santa hire them?

Elf parents (duh), and he hired them because they are so fast at making toys.

Kendall Smythe

From Ireland, and they are kind and love children and work hard.

Rita Crawford

The elves are the native people of the North Pole. They were there before Santa came and thought that Santa was a really nice guy and decided to share their special toy-making powers with him. They talked and thought that their ability to make toys with Santa's magic would work well together. They have been working together for 195 years.

Melissa Oswalt, answering on behalf of her 9-year-old, Wyatt

What does Santa do if there’s no chimney?

Walk through the front door.

Kendall Smythe

Santa can make his own chimney.

Nicole March

Santa has a special key. It unlocks any door, but it only works on Christmas Eve.

Julie Fling Irons

Why does Santa have the same wrapping paper as my mom?

He shops at same place and loved that pattern.

Rita Crawford

Santa sometimes uses your wrapping paper to cut down on cost!

Denise Mallet-Prevost Sobocinski

I leave paper, scissors and tape out for him to use.

Beth George West

Does Santa ever get sick of milk and cookies?

That’s a trick question, not even reasonable.

Rita Crawford

Santa never gets tired of milk and cookies, but you could leave out a nice bottle of wine if you want.

Kate Werner

Of course he gets sick of it. That’s why he looks in the fridge while leaving presents to see what else we have.

Megan Gutierrez

How does Santa make it all the way around the world in one night?

He doesn’t make it around the world in one night. He makes it around the world in one morning.

K.S. Fadin, answering on behalf of her 4-year-old

He's magic. He can just teleport if he needs to.

Megan Gutierrez


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