2 Bold Chefs Hits The Mark On Flavor

Food Truck Dishes Out Quality Mediterranean Eats


I've had Mediterranean food several times over the past few years. While good, nothing compared to the experiences I’ve had at some famous Greek restaurants in Baltimore a few decades ago, but the food from 2 Bold Chefs hit the mark.

Following a busy workday, I rushed to grab dinner from the restaurant’s food truck in a park in the North Shore community, and wow, I was impressed! You'd never know food from the truck sitting alone in the far corner of the lot could be so scrumptious. Every bit of all that I ate exploded with flavor.

I can't tell you about the ambiance that I always like to share — the music, lighting and exquisite furnishings because, hey, it's a food truck. But the quality exceeded my expectations.

Perusing the white menu board, I chose one of the "specialties," Mediterranean-style chili glazed salmon with rice and salad, and Middle Eastern grilled chicken shawarma. Then I added some baklava.

The staff was friendly and helpful, and the food was prepared quickly. Taking the proffered white bag, I headed to a nearby picnic table by the water and quickly unwrapped my goodies.

To be honest, I began with dessert. Why not? I've never been a baklava fan, but when I asked about dessert, the gentleman on the truck recommended the famous treat. I was craving a sweet, so I went for it. I figured I'd take a bite and give the rest to my awaiting hubby. But this baklava changed my tune on the Greek favorite. Each large piece had layered, flaky phyllo dough baked to perfection and filled with ground nuts, honey and other unidentified yummy goodness. It was the best baklava I've ever tasted — not overly sweet or sticky, but just right. It would go great with a strong cup of coffee, or even ice cream or whipped cream.

I then tasted the chicken shawarma. Having a preconceived idea from past experiences of what the chicken and vegetables in the pita would taste like (boring), I was pleasantly surprised. The spit-roasted chicken, overflowing from the pita, was tender and without fat or gristle. Nestled in the warm, soft pita with onions, lettuce and peppers, the whole package was savory with a refreshing tang, which I believe was partially due to the liberal use of homemade cilantro lime garlic sauce.

My Mediterranean-style chili glazed salmon with rice and salad was also a huge hit for me and my hubby. The chili sauce topping the salmon had a fabulous spicy kick, slightly sweet with a touch of garlic and enough heat to please but not overpower. It permeated the salmon so that with every bite, I had a slight taste of the spice. The fish was cooked to perfection with the unique subtle salmon flavor that is so pleasing when it’s fresh and prepared properly.

Surrounding the salmon, the side of salad with greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions was also surprisingly good, topped with homemade, creamy Italian dressing, slightly sweet and enough to season the vegetables without drowning them. Did you ever notice how cucumbers freshen up every dish? White rice also came with the meal, and it was soft and fluffy the way rice should be (which I never can seem to achieve at home).

All of the food was well seasoned, fresh, zesty and pleasing.

The two meals, plus two pieces of baklava, came to just under $40.

If you think, ‘Hey, Mary didn't criticize anything,’ you're right. There was really nothing negative to report.

Check out the website at www.2boldchefs.com for more information, including the catering menu, and follow the company on Facebook at 2-BOLD-Chefs-a-Mediterranean-Truck-Catering.


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