A Coffee Lover’s Guide To Local Cafés


The U.S. is officially hooked on the bean. According to online data platform Statista, roughly three in four Americans – 73% – report consuming coffee every day. Among daily drinkers, almost 80% enjoy two or more cups at home on a weekday and more than half consume three or more.

In addition to being an effective energy boost to combat a midday slump, caffeinated beverages stimulate the economy as well. In 2023, the U.S. coffee market generated nearly $85 billion in revenue according to Statista. Among surveyed Americans, about 27% reported buying coffee from cafés a few times a week, with 8% getting their fix outside of home every day. And as of 2022, coffee enthusiasts had over 38,000 U.S. coffee shops to choose from.

A conservative calculation would indicate that I personally infuse over $500 annually into the local coffee market. Since working as a barista for my first job beginning at 16 years old, I have developed both an addiction to and an affection for excellent coffee. If you, like me, want to discover all that the local coffee scene has to offer, below is a list of nearby cafés that highlights what sets each one apart, with recommendations on what to try from their menus.


Right in the heart of Severna Park, The Big Bean has been a community staple for over two decades. Known for its friendly staff and flavored drip coffees, The Big Bean offers a robust menu of creative espresso beverages and smoothies as well. If you’re not sure where to start with the unique offerings, I recommend the Mexican Mocha – a rich latte sweetened with chocolate and spiced with cinnamon – paired with a breakfast cookie.

Opened in February 2024, the new kids on the block serve their own Eastern Shore roasted brews among an extensive menu of food and beverage options. Rise Up Coffee is perhaps most known for its Original Coffee Smoothie, a refreshing frozen treat that can be enjoyed year-round. It also offers fresh, made-to-order breakfast foods and has a drive-thru option as well. The house-made cold brew is bold yet smooth and always a good choice.

Rounding out Severna Park’s local coffee shop offerings, The Coffee Trailer – located along the B&A Trail and open only Friday through Sunday – boasts an extensive menu of flavored lattes made with Italian espresso, as well as teas and smoothies. Its creative concoctions include a tiramisu latte, honey cardamom latte and a frozen hot chocolate. If you’re out on the trail with your four-legged friends, pup cups are available as well.


Coffee connoisseurs in search of locally roasted brews with a range of distinct tasting notes need look no further than Annapolis’ own Ceremony Coffee Roasters. With two cafés in Annapolis and several others around Maryland, Ceremony offers single origins, blends, espressos and more roasted at its Russell Street location. The espresso beverages are balanced and the drip coffees are bright, trending toward the lighter end of the roasting spectrum.

Ceremony Coffee is so popular locally that at least three other Annapolis cafés use its beans for their espresso offerings. Curate, Bakers & Co. and In Grano all offer a palate-pleasing menu of Ceremony-based lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, cortados and more, but the not-to-miss standouts at these shops are their made-in-house baked goods and food.

In addition to Baker’s & Co.’s varied muffin, scone and croissant offerings are unique pastries including mini galettes, lemon poppy teacake, and oat and jam bars. The staff also bakes fresh loaves of bread. The small, charming café is located in Eastport and is only open Friday through Sunday. Just about every one of its baked goods pairs well with a flat white or dirty chai.

Situated on West Street about halfway between Church and Westgate circles, Curate Annapolis is a modern, well-appointed café great for gathering with friends. Its baked-fresh daily pastry offerings include a rotation of almond brioche, coffee cake, sizable sweet or savory scones, muffins, cookies and more – all nicely enhanced by a drip coffee or seasonal latte.

In Grano Bistro & Bakery, located off of Riva Road in Annapolis, serves creative and aesthetically impressive croissants, muffins, scones and other pastries as well as fresh breads, sandwiches, burritos, toasts and more. In addition to typical espresso beverages, In Grano also offers nitro, a variety of teas, and if you’re craving something sweet, affogatos crafted with Annapolis-based Always Ice Cream.

Other popular mainstays in the local coffee shop scene are Bean Rush Café in West Annapolis – serving countless signature lattes, fresh sandwiches, teas, smoothies and more – and Oscar’s Coffee in Eastport, a dog-friendly waterfront coffee trailer serving proper espresso beverages, seasonal specialty drinks and a few curated pastry options.

Finally, if you prefer to brew your morning Joe at home and are looking for locally roasted coffee to make in the comfort of your own kitchen, Severna Park’s BD Provisions offers a variety of freshly roasted-in-house beans for purchase.

Ready to try one of the greater Severna Park area’s many wonderful cafés? Find their hours, locations and menus (subject to change and availability) online.


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