Annapolis Aesthetics Helps Patients Find Their Beautiful


Melanie Erb Shushan understands firsthand how exhausting life as a working parent can be, but with her help, her patients don’t have to wear their weariness on their faces.

Commuting to her job at a medical spa in Washington, D.C. didn’t leave Shushan much time at home, and friends who wanted her cosmetic services found the drive to the nation’s capital to be logistically prohibitive.

Seeing an opportunity right here in Severna Park for a boutique luxury med spa, Shushan met with a Realtor last spring and fell in love with the first space she saw. In December of last year, Annapolis Aesthetics opened.

“I’m really excited about the space, and so I want patients to feel excited when they get here,” Shushan said. “It’s been going great, better than I could have imagined.”

Shushan brings nearly two decades of experience with cosmetic injectables and laser treatments to her practice in Severna Park. She was working as a nurse practitioner in the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital when Botox first entered the public lexicon. Shushan was tapped to train residents on this new product.

She explained that early on, there was a lot of fear and misunderstanding surrounding Botox.

“My friends were like, ‘Melanie, we’re concerned. Why are you doing that to your body?’” she recounted with amusement. “Now, everybody does this kind of stuff — I have patients that are 22, and I have patients that are 82.

These days Shushan’s friends aren’t critics but clients. And the Botox business is booming.

“It’s such a good bang for your buck, and I like it because I’m a busy mom. I want to get stuff done,” Shushan said. “Knowing that something so quick can be so useful and make patients feel so good, I love that.”

In addition to Botox, Annapolis Aesthetics offers fillers, microneedling, chemical peels and laser treatments.

One of Shushan’s favorite products for her clients is filler, which differs from Botox in that it is a gel made out of hyaluronic acid (Botox is a liquid protein), and the results are immediate.

“It’s really nice to be able to sit there and watch somebody go from looking rundown and tired to looking and feeling amazing,” Shushan said.

Shushan recognizes that making changes to one’s face and appearance is highly personal and perhaps a bit daunting at first. Her approach to the initial consult is for patients to explain what bothers them when they look in the mirror and go from there.

“Our tagline here is find your beautiful,” she said. “I don’t want to make them look like a different person.”

The treatments offered by Annapolis Aesthetics may have the effect of reversing time, but when it comes to Shushan’s decision to open a business in Severna Park, there’s no looking back.

“Everyone here has been so welcoming and have sent so many of their friends in, so I’m so appreciative and so thankful for that,” Shushan said. “It’s been awesome. Making people feel better about themselves, I have the best job in the world.”

Annapolis Aesthetics is located at 537 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard. For more information, call 410-793-5135 or visit


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