Balance Your Hormones, Don’t Replace Them


Female hormone therapy, whether synthetic or bioidentical, helps relieve some symptoms associated with menopause. The problem is, these methods come with a list of adverse side effects that range from unpleasant to life-threatening, and they do not address the core causes of imbalanced hormones.

Moreover, they fail to address symptoms that negatively impact a person’s sleep, mood, energy, mental clarity, and weight. They can exacerbate many of these symptoms and are associated with serious health risks. These methods can cause more harm than good when balancing hormones.

In the past, female hormone therapy was used to treat menopausal symptoms and aid in weight loss. A major controversy arose surrounding this method of treatment after the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) trial ended in 2002, showing severe health risks associated with HRT.

Despite a high number of medical studies and clinical evidence showing the potential health risks associated with synthetic hormones, many doctors still prescribe them today.

The global index of major chronic diseases and death showed that overall, harm exceeded the benefits, and yet the medical community still offers this dangerous treatment.

Female hormones are part of the endocrine system, a set of hormone-secreting glands within your body that deliver messages that tell your body what to do and how to function. Your hormones individually deliver important messages and work as a team. When one of them isn’t delivering their specific message, it affects everything in your body, and the results can be disastrous.

Your hormones can become imbalanced by a variety of factors. While it’s normal for hormone levels to decline with age, aging is not the main culprit. Unless the root causes of imbalanced hormones are addressed, the symptoms will get more severe with age. If your doctor tells you that symptoms such as weight gain, mood swings and hot flashes are a side effect of getting older, here is an alternative opinion.

Instead of replacing hormones your body doesn’t need, working with a professional to ensure you are balancing hormones naturally with no harmful side effects is crucial. This holistic approach ties together nutrition, stress management, and all-natural supplementation through one-on-one guided support by dedicated, compassionate specialists.

This approach uses proprietary supplementation to support the production of hormones naturally. These go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, and are quickly absorbed, avoiding the chance of buildup, as excess is passed out of the body within 24 hours.

In addition, there is a specially designed relaxation program, whole-food blood sugar balancing diet, and personalized ongoing support, making it possible for hormone levels to balance themselves the way nature intended.

Hormones have the power to help your body work exactly as it was meant to. Regardless of age, you can feel more energized and youthful, experience a restful sleep, and not have to suffer from the frustrating symptoms of menopause, including that stubborn weight gain!

To learn more about balancing hormones naturally, BeBalanced Centers is here to help. The team offers free, in-depth consultations where a wellness coach will discuss your specific symptoms and help develop a plan to help you feel better than ever.

Be well!


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