Barstow & Sons, An HVAC Company, Expands To Offer Full Plumbing Services


Since 1980, Fred T. Barstow Inc. has been one of the preeminent HVAC companies in Anne Arundel County. The company is built on a solid foundation of exceptional quality and a trusted reputation. Barstow’s grandson and Severna Park resident, Chuck Eaton, stepped into the ownership role after the death of his grandfather in 2010, and rebranded the business as Barstow & Sons in 2012.

Last October, Eaton announced the addition of plumbing services to the company’s full-service commercial and residential heating and cooling services.

“I started thinking about adding plumbing a few years ago,” said Eaton, who began to work for his grandfather in the business when he was in high school. “It was a ‘want’ for me at the time, not a ‘need.’ I wasn’t going to pull the trigger until it would be a perfect situation for me.”

After a couple wrenches in his plan, and conversations with multiple would-be suitors, Eaton met Carl Lebo, a Master Plumber who had owned his own plumbing company for 23 years and was ready to take on a new role.

“I did everything that I wanted to accomplish as a small-business owner,” Lebo said. “I was ready to be part of something bigger without having the responsibility of ownership.”

Eaton and Lebo had long known each other’s names from the industry and recognized the quality work being done by the other. By chance, the two shared a large commercial customer on the Eastern Shore.

“I came in and saw the impeccable work that had been done and it was by Barstow,” Lebo said. “It was impressive.”

Eaton added, “With parallels with HVAC and plumbing, I can’t just have any plumber. I need to know them personally. I need to know their work.”

In October 2023, the time was right for both men and Barstow & Sons welcomed Lebo on board. They plan to have three plumbing trucks in their fleet by October 2024.

“I’m excited! I could be thinking about retiring,” added Lebo, “but instead I’m looking five to 10 years down the road and building a strong plumbing business with Barstow. Chuck’s got nearly 7,000 customers already happy with the DNA of Barstow. I’m happy to be part of that family and eager to show a significant return on Chuck’s investment.”

Eaton was just 6 years old when his grandfather started the business he now owns. His mission has always been to honor his grandfather by assembling the right people and doing the right thing for each customer. He knows the reputation he’s built and doesn’t take customer loyalty for granted.

“Our HVAC customers already know us. They know our quality work and fair pricing. They trust us,” Eaton said. “Now with one call, they can also expect that same experience with plumbing.”

To learn more about Barstow & Sons’ services, including heating, cooling, plumbing, indoor air quality, inspections, ductwork, maintenance and repairs, and more, visit Ask about a $75 discount on your first service call.


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