Broadneck Students Work Overtime On Spring Musical, “9 To 5”


It’s been more than 40 years since the comedy movie “9 To 5” was released in 1980, but thanks to the stage adaption in 2009, the hardworking women of Consolidated Companies continue to delight audiences as they fight misogyny in the workplace.

Three lead women — originally played by Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton — all come from different backgrounds but when they join forces to bring down the toxic men in charge, hilarity and justice ensue.

This spring, students from Broadneck High School will take on this audience favorite for three days, April 11—13. Choral director and production co-director Charnice Frazier said “9 To 5” was chosen because she wanted to showcase the many talented females in the ensemble.

“I knew I had some very strong female-identifying students that I really wanted to showcase,” Frazier said. “I came across ‘9 To 5’ and I knew that it was fun and would push the students in a different direction by playing working adults,” she added, referring to last year’s “Freaky Friday” production where the students played adults playing children. “I knew the roles would challenge and empower them and be fun at the same time.”

Poor weather and school closings delayed auditions by two weeks in January, but Frazier said the students have risen to the challenge by working long hours, five days a week, to perfect their roles.

About 60 students onstage and behind the scenes make up this production. The set is completely student-designed. Frazier promises great singing, dancing, costume changes and a bit of a plot-to-kill.

The three leads are Kay Seyfferth, a junior who plays Violet, a widow with four children; Emma Miller, a junior who plays Judy, a young woman forced into the workforce after a divorce; and Sarah Swain, a senior who portrays Doralee, a sexy and sassy secretary.

Seyfferth enjoys her fun, take-charge character. Having acted since fifth grade, Seyfferth called “9 To 5” a fun production with “lots of girl power!”

“Judy is a mess! She’s a ball of nerves, and doesn’t really know what she’s doing,” said Miller, her portrayer. “But she has a very strong character arc, and by the end of the show she’s confident, powerful and feels good in her own skin.”

Swain likes Doralee because the character is different from her own personality, which has challenged her to find herself in the character, too.

“If you love some Dolly Parton and seeing three women take back their power and step into their own, you will love this show,” Frazier said. “Audiences can expect a fun show where they will laugh, maybe cry, but really just have a great time.”

“9 To 5” will run April 11—13 for four shows. Tickets are available starting March 11 at


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