Cone Or Cup? The Daily Scoop Serves Up Quality And Originality


Chocolate-covered peppered bacon in maple ice cream with ribbons of real maple syrup, cinnamon bun ice cream with locally baked cinnamon buns in it and pumpkin caramel pecan are but a small sampling of the over 175 one-of-a-kind ice cream flavors made fresh throughout the year at the Daily Scoop in Pasadena. Opened in 2005 by Fran and Michael Linder, also known as the Goddess of the Scoop and the Ice Cream Man, the store offers sweet treats made daily ranging from sundaes to floats and pies to cakes. And let's not forget the cannoli.

Former businessman Michael Linder explained he and his wife, who owns and operates the creamery, opened the store because they wanted Marylanders to experience what gourmet ice cream is all about: Natural purees in fruit-centered ice creams, whole pastries in pie-themed flavors and unprocessed cocoa from Holland are among the countless fresh ingredients he takes pride in incorporating into each of his original flavors.

Additionally, the Daily Scoop's exhaustive menu contains no whey and few additives. "Every ice cream I make is unique and unlike anybody else's," Linder highlighted. "I'm extraordinarily passionate about the ice cream I make - I love making ice cream. I dream making ice cream!"

Originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., Linder learned to make the chilled confection at the age of 13 from a third-generation ice-cream maker, and his mastery of the art has snowballed since. With an unparalleled gusto for quality, he now makes custom ice creams daily not just for use in pies, cakes and the 32 flavors available every day by the scoop, but for weddings, dinner parties, graduations and every occasion that warrants the frozen delicacy.

Likewise, the Linders' youthful team of scoopers and scoopettes are dedicated not just to quality in their products, but in their service to customers. "They're extremely friendly … and reflect our commitment to serving the community," the Ice Cream Man lauded.

That community service manifests in the Daily Scoop's devotion to giving back through local fundraisers and their active membership in the Pasadena Business Association. Linder explained he and Fran chose central Anne Arundel County for their store because of the area's strong family orientation, which continues to be their favorite aspect of their home. "What better blessing is there than to see people growing in front of you?" he posed. Referring to his customers, Linder added, "I've seen people go from singles to couples to being engaged to getting married and having kids, and watching that process is a blessing. It gives us great joy to watch families growing together."

The New York transplant highlighted that of the three states he and Fran have called home, including Connecticut, Maryland is by far their favorite. "It's a beautiful state to live in. We adore Annapolis, we just love Severna Park, and love all the areas around here," he said with a smile. "One thing everyone has in common is that they're all good people: They're family oriented and care about their community. That shows in everyone who comes through our door."

To learn more about the Daily Scoop, located at 3201 Mountain Road, and their indefatigable commitment to quality, like them on Facebook for a list of daily flavors and the opportunity to request your own concoction. Customers can also go to, call 410-437-2667 and stop in for a scoop or two. You can't go wrong with the banana, coffee, cannoli, Kit Kat or other 171 homemade flavors - like pumpkin, made year round.

"I make the best pumpkin ice cream you've ever had," Linder grinned. "Your taste buds will never be satisfied with anyone else's ice cream ever again. That's the curse of the Scoop!"


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