DPW Asks Homeowners, Renters And Organizations To Practice Sustainable Spring Gardening


To many of us, spring marks longer days and warmer temperatures, which means lawn and garden care and landscaping are back. Sprucing yards back into shape also gives residents the opportunity to help safeguard the environment.

Much of our outside work uses a lot of water and can entail the use of harmful chemicals. All surface water in Anne Arundel County flows into our rivers and creeks and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. We all love and depend on the Chesapeake Bay, so let’s learn how we can help the Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works (DPW) teams reduce pollution in the watershed.

And, in case you’re wondering how you can help, we have a few sustainable tips and tricks that protect our waterways.

  1. Car washing tips. We all love a clean car, but we love pristine, healthy waterways more! The next time you wash your car, use non-toxic and biodegradable soap, and wash your car on the lawn, not a driveway, to reduce runoff.

  2. Create a rain garden. A rain garden is a sunken area with native plants that directs rainwater from a roof, driveway or street. It absorbs rainwater and breaks down pollutants naturally instead of letting pollution reach the bay. Not to mention, it makes an excellent habitat for bees and butterflies. Learn how to make a rain garden here.

  3. Install a rain barrel. Rain barrels capture water from your roof and store it to use later to water your lawn, garden or houseplants. When you collect rainwater, you catch some water that would otherwise flow off your property and into the waterways. Besides, it's a great, minimal-cost way to conserve water. The Chesapeake Ecology Center is a great resource to help you get started.

  4. Limit pesticide and fertilizer use. The chemicals you use on your lawn can harm aquatic life once they have washed off your lawn and into the bay. They cause algal blooms that deplete oxygen and block sunlight.

Each day, the Anne Arundel County DPW team works tirelessly to provide high-quality services that enhance the lives of residents and encourage the community to take small steps to help support its mission.

For more easy tips on how you can help maintain this beautiful community, watch this video and visit www.dpwandyou.com.

Marsha works alongside the DPW&YOU family to help maintain the community and its waterways. As the leader in DPW’s environmental assessment and conservation efforts, Marsha takes her work seriously because it directly impacts the Chesapeake Bay.


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