Dr. Natalia Biles Joins Dockside Dermatology


When Drs. Lesley Sutherland and Stephanie Clements decided to open their own dermatology practice in 2022, they intended to set the standard of patient-driven care in the Annapolis area.

With 12 exam rooms in their Millersville office, there was always physical room for growth, but they were committed to finding leaders in the field who were equally enthusiastic about Dockside Dermatology’s mission.

Enter Dr. Natalia Biles, who joined the women-owned-and–operated practice on May 1.

“Back in the day, people would do house calls, and I think we’re the closest thing to that,” Biles said. “We’re not coming to your house, but we’re becoming a part of your life, and we’re trying to meet you wherever you need us to meet you. When you need us, we’re here.”

The absence of an offsite call center, coupled with the ability to collaborate with the other providers in real-time, are just two examples of why Biles finds Dockside Dermatology to be an incredible experience both for her and her patients.

“It’s like a family around here, both at the practice and with our patients, which I really love,” she said.

Biles’ upbeat, positive attitude and commitment to the patient experience, along with her rigorous academic training, made her a perfect match for the brand Sutherland and Clements set out to build.

“Not only is she a really great physician in terms of medicine; she provides a very good overall experience, which is what our whole premise has been about,” said Sutherland, adding, “everyone loves her.”

Biles attended medical school at Columbia University and completed her residency at Johns Hopkins University. She practices general dermatology and relishes the ability to offer a wide array of dermatologic procedures and treatments to patients of all ages – often all in one day.

Though she kept an open mind to all possibilities during her time as a medical student, a research position at the National Institutes of Health focused on MRSA, a type of staph infection, tipped the scales in favor of dermatology.

“I had no idea how complex the skin is, and I was obsessed,” Biles said.

Biles admits that, even as a dermatologist, choosing from the plethora of skincare products on the market can be overwhelming. She suggests sticking to a simple, three-step regimen in the morning: a cleanser, a vitamin C serum and a moisturizer with a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, plus a retinol cream at night.

“Give it three to six months of using those every day. You will see a huge change in your skin, and not only are you getting all the nice cosmetic parts of it, but you’re protecting yourself from skin cancer,” Biles said.

A Bethesda, Maryland, native, Biles is the daughter of Venezuelan immigrants. She is one of the only Spanish-speaking dermatologists in the area, a role she doesn’t take lightly. As such, she accepts all insurances, including Medicaid.

Adding providers to the practice has allowed Dockside Dermatology to grow while also maintaining its core mission of accessible care.

“We don’t want anyone waiting three months for a dermatology appointment,” said Sutherland, who added that currently, patients can get appointments within a week, if not the next day.

Dockside Dermatology offers comprehensive dermatologic care, from cancer prevention and removal to cosmetic enhancements. It is located in Millersville at 8601 Veterans Highway, Suite 201. For more information, call 410-934-5400, or visit www.docksidederm.com.


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