Healing Together


It wasn’t just the way you slept that made your neck lock up. Muscles don’t typically break in the moment as a bone would. They build. They hold. They protect. They activate. They resist letting go — to their attachment points and to each other. As the muscles bind, the breath restricts, perhaps even entering into stagnant holding patterns of both breathing and how you position your body with tension.

Really, we should thank our super tight areas because they are constantly working. Saying hello to pain and discomfort, instead of feeling frustration toward it, can be the first step to becoming friends with our bodies.

Good practitioners should want you to begin the relationship of understanding and loving your body. They might inform you of muscle layering, and a continuous membrane called fascia that wraps around everything in the body: our muscles, bones, organs and nerves. The fascia binds the muscles and fibers together, decreasing blood flow, creating inflammation, shortening muscle length, and constricting mobility and synovial fluid in the joints. With massage — also referred to as bodywork — we are separating the muscles from each other, giving opportunity for lengthening, increased power and range of motion, and rest. When these muscles let go, the “life force energy” that was held within and around them also lets go. This can sometimes present itself as a heat release. These pockets of energy move throughout the body, creating balance for both the body and psycho-spiritual self.

SassWell invites everyone of all ages and types to put themselves on SassWell’s schedule and begin the process of letting go. Find hours and availability at www.sasswell.com. SassWell also invites you to work beside its staff as they expand the business. They will teach you everything they know, and they look forward to learning from you.

Severna Park has many healers and practitioners, and SassWell would love to meet all of you and get on your schedules. SassWell practices Dan Siegel’s collective philosophy of Mwe (me and we) through facilitating a wellness coalition and wider range of client cross-pollination. Join them in getting healthier together. Mwe can do it!


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