Here’s Johnny: Meet The Carpet & Air Duct Man


Not many 12-year-olds know their future career path, but Johnny Fendlay had a good idea.

At 12, Fendlay spent much of his free time helping his dad, who owned a cleaning truck. By 16, Fendlay had his own truck and business. Within 10 years, he had almost 50 vehicles in his fleet.

Although he now runs a smaller operation, he remains focused on reliable service and providing high-quality products at an affordable rate.

Fendlay’s business, The Carpet & Air Duct Man, assists customers with all their flooring needs, carpet sales and installation, luxury vinyl plank sales and installation, air duct services and mold abatement. The business does free next-day flooring estimates and is available for 24-hour emergency services.

“If Ms. Jones called because there’s water in her basement, I will get the message in less than an hour,” said Fendlay, who lives close to his company’s Pasadena showroom. “When someone calls, there is nothing we don’t have an answer for. We don’t refer to anyone we don’t use ourselves.”

Customer service is at the forefront of everything Fendlay does, and no job is complete until the customer is happy.

“We’re not like [Gene] Siskel and [Roger] Ebert, with our men giving two thumbs up when we’re done working,” Fendlay said.

He recommends that people get their carpets cleaned at least twice per year. While there are several benefits, the most important is health. By getting carpets cleaned, homeowners limit their exposure to soils, gases, animal dander and other pollutants.

The Carpet & Air Duct Man uses truck-mounted hot water extraction, or “steam cleaning,” along with the latest in detergent technology to clean carpets and upholstery.

“Carpet cleaning takes care of dust mites, pet accidents and everything else,” Fendlay said. “… with the hot stream extraction, we don’t leave the carpet soaked.”

Air ducts should be cleaned once every two years, with filters changed once per month. Warning signs include breathing problems, a musty or stale odor when the furnace runs, a lack of airflow from vents, or dust collecting on furniture shortly after cleaning.

“It can cause itchy eyes and a scratchy nose [if you don’t get air ducts cleaned],” Fendlay said.

The business is also active in the community, supporting schools across Severna Park and Pasadena through sponsorships. A father of three girls, Fendlay feels it is important to give back.

He also supports men and women in recovery by speaking at churches and facilities like Evolve Life Centers, Elevate Recovery Centers and Grace House Recovery Services.

“It lets them know there is hope,” he said.

Whether he’s serving families through his business or through philanthropy, he wants people to know he is trustworthy.

Fendlay said, “My dad and I had a saying: We don’t cut corners. We clean them.”

The Carpet & Air Duct Man is open six days a week but available by phone 24/7 for emergencies. Main hours are 7:00am-5:00pm from Monday through Friday and 7:00am-noon on Saturday. A new showroom is located at 8461 Fort Smallwood Road, Suite A, in Pasadena. For more information, call 443-452-6003, email or visit