Josee Molavi Releases 12-Track Album

Annapolis June Show Scheduled


Editor's note: The June 29 show has been moved to Parris Underground. Doors open at 6:00pm and the show starts at 7:00pm.

In 2019, Josee Molavi had gathered with a group of friends from Severna Park High School when she learned several of those friends were either studying music in college or had varying degrees of musical involvement in their lives. They talked about their shared passion for music and their hopes to one day make, play and record their own material.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2023 that the friends would come together to form a cover band of The Cure to perform at a backyard music festival at the home of another friend. The group of friends enjoyed the one-time experience so much that they joined Molavi’s band, played their first gig in a sold-out show in Washington, D.C., and have continued to play together ever since.

“There is a great amount of trust when, onstage, I look back at the band and I see friends I’ve known since Severna Park Middle School or even Shipley’s Choice Elementary,” said Molavi, a 2017 graduate of Severna Park High School. “I think back to our elementary school friendships, and I never would have guessed we’d be making music together today.”

Those friends and band members are bass player Alex Hagopian (class of 2017), who also produced and mixed the album; drummer Sam Hickman (2017); guitarist Jack Yearwood (2019); and auxiliary percussionist Evan Molavi (2021).

Josee Molavi is the lead vocalist, songwriter and producer, and she plays piano and guitar. After graduation in 2020 from American University in Washington, D.C., Molavi started traveling and working in the communications field. Journaling and saving mementos along the way, she found the new experiences fueled her creativity for music.

“I tried to work and make music a side hustle, but I ultimately realized I needed to focus on my music full-time,” Molavi said. “It takes a long time to make a path for yourself as an independent artist. I dove into music and now play venues, open for bands, or we are headliners and others open for us.”

On May 24, the band released a 12-track album titled “Break Your Heart Til It Opens.” On May 25, the band headlined a three-act evening at Songbyrd in Washington, D.C. The longtime friends had the packed house enthralled while they played their signature blues, soul, rock and jazz-influenced original material.

“It was a truly amazing night!” exclaimed Molavi, noting the active participation of the packed crowd. “We rocked it and played the entire album.”

Molavi said she and her bandmates all have other jobs, as it’s not sustainable to be an independent artist, and they do not receive a financial return from Spotify.

“When you go to local shows or buy merchandise, you’re supporting artists doing what they love,” she added. “It’s expensive to play. It’s expensive to tour.”

Molavi is already working on a new album. “It’s hard not to be in a constant state of creativity when you’re surrounded with such incredible musicians and friends,” she said.

To catch Josee Molavi’s June 29 show at Club Vibe in Annapolis, visit, and follow the band on Instagram @jmolav.


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