Just-IN-Time Renovations Turns Homeowners’ Dreams Into Reality


Homeowners have more control than ever when deciding how they want their next bedroom, bathroom or roof to look. Just-IN-Time Renovations works with homeowners to modify their space to fit their needs and vision.

“We try to make it special for the homeowner,” said Just-IN-Time owner Justin Wilson. “That’s the most gratifying when you can tell someone is truly full of joy.”

Justin has more than 20 years in the home renovation industry, but his love of fixing things goes back to childhood.

“We worked on our own cars. We worked on our own houses,” he said. “I grew up in the Midwest and that’s how it was.”

The former Indiana resident moved to Maryland in 2002. He started as a window and door sales representative before gaining experience with roofing, siding, bathrooms, basement finishing and more. With that experience, Justin and his team help families from Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard and Prince George’s counties replace old roofs and siding, renovate interiors and install new flooring.

“So many guys try to be a jack of all trades,” Justin said. “We do interior and exterior, and our guys have specialties. I don’t send a roofer to do your bathroom. We’ve heard a lot of horror stories before.”

It’s important that homeowners research whoever they hire. It’s common for people in the renovation industry to overpromise and underdeliver, Justin said.

“Guys go out and they have no experience at all,” he said, referring to other companies. “If you purchase from me or one of my employees, they are in charge of that project until it’s finished.

“We try to specialize in a lost trade, which is communication,” he said. “So if I can’t do something in a timely manner, at least I can let you know.”

Right now, Just-IN-Time is getting many requests to remove bathtubs and install custom walk-in tile showers.

“We’ll ask the homeowner what they want — are we doing fiberglass? Are we doing tile walls?” Justin explained. “We don’t just steamroll people and say, ‘This is our package, and you need to choose from A, B, C.’ We try to make it more personal and make it more of their dream and less of ours. Their dream bathroom, basement, or roof.”

While bathrooms and basements are exciting home renovations, roofs are overlooked but necessary fixtures that need to be replaced. Just-IN-Time offers asphalt, metal and composite slate roofing products.

“Everybody replaces tires on a car; it’s the same with a roof,” Justin said. “It’s typically not the most exciting addition to a home, but it’s something you will have to do once in your lifetime. Your car is no good without tires and it’s the same having a house without a roof.”

Justin and his team will often use drones to capture high-resolution images of roofs so they can show homeowners any damage that exists. Sometimes, they have to go on a roof for an inspection, but with either method, the goal is to ensure the homeowner has an accurate understanding of the roof condition.

Whether it’s an interior or exterior job, whether the goal is improved style or functionality, Just-IN-Time is honest with customers.

“I’ll let the customer know what materials are being used and why we’re using them,” Justin said. “We don’t itemize [the bill], but we will give a full quote and an idea of why it cost X amount of dollars. We’re very rarely the [most expensive] guy, but we’re not always the lowest. We try to make it a fair price.”

The company’s reputation is important to Justin, as is his mark on the community. Just-IN-Time sponsors the Severna Park High School varsity football team.

That is just one more avenue that allows Justin to help people. Through his business, he wants to support the community that supports him while also providing homeowners with quality renovations that stand the test of time.

Just-IN-Time Renovations is located at 674 Ritchie Highway in Severna Park. To learn more, call 443-960-5513, visit www.jitrenovations.com, or find the business on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Reviews are available on HomeAdvisor.


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