Kids Summer Q&A


The annual Fourth of July parade is one of many ways to celebrate summer. We asked the book club at Severna Park Tutoring and Educational Advocacy about their favorite summer traditions.

Summer is fun because I get to go to the playground a lot and go on the swings with my friends.
Adelaide M.

A tradition in my family is that each kid goes to sleepaway camp where we spend our whole day outside.
Bella V.

My favorite thing to do in the summer is take a trip on our boat. I love to go to the pool too.
Caitlyn M.

Summer swim team is always so much fun. The meets are a blast and taco in a bag is my favorite!
Carley O.

Going to water parks is my favorite tradition. I really like the giant slides!
Colson G.

In the summer, we have time to go on fun vacations like traveling to Mexico!
Declan S.

Each year, we go to a beach house in New Jersey, and everyone comes including our family from California. We have a lot of summer birthdays, and it is great to celebrate them together.
Ellie V.

I love the crab feast my family hosts on the Fourth of July!
Jane M.

Every year, we go to the Outer Banks with our entire family. We have a great time at the beach, in the hot tub, and on the hammock.
Jaxon M.

I love celebrating my birthday in the summer. We go out to dinner and have a party.
Justus G.

Playing in my club lacrosse tournaments in the summer is fun.
Liam O.

My favorite summer tradition is going to soccer camp.
Lola A.

The best thing about the summer is going to the pool with my friends and swimming a lot.
Maddie F.

In the summer, I play all kinds of sports like lacrosse, football and swim team.
Patrick F.


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