Kinder Park 4-H Club Member Builds Rabbit House


During the summer of 2020, members of Kinder Farm Park’s farm education small animal team decided they needed to move the rabbit house because the current location was difficult to keep cool and the bunnies were digging out.

Mid-summer, ranger Helen Overman asked the small animal team to meet Aneka Velthuis, a Kinder Farm 4-H Club member who sought to complete the requirements for the 4-H Diamond Clover Award. She proposed to build a new rabbit house because it is a “great way to educate the public about rabbits and also to get kids involved in raising and caring for these animals.” The small animal team was at the ready to assist Aneka in the accomplishment of her goal.

The planning phase started in August and the team met and emailed throughout September and October, drawing plans and making a materials list. Aneka submitted a proposal to park management for approval. The rabbit house was moved in November by the hardworking Kinder Farm maintenance department.

Work on the new run attached to the Rabbit House began Thanksgiving weekend and ended mid-December. Throughout the process, Aneka’s commitment and kind spirit inspired the team members to give Aneka the opportunity to lead and learn from an all-adult construction team. Aneka managed the planning and directed the development, execution and validation processes required by the park superintendent.


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