Kindergartners Write Letters About The Severn River


Mrs. Osborne-Ward’s class at Severna Park Elementary learned about the Severn River this year and felt compelled to share these letters with the community.

Hello Severna Park,

Our river needs to stay clean and healthy for animals like the osprey. Our river is fun and beautiful. You can play and have food.

The Severn is amazing! It is clean and fun and peaceful. You can swim without getting hurt. I love the Severn River. Come to the river today!


Josephine Laffey

Dear Severna Park,

Do you know how nice our river is? I love our river because I like to swim in the clean river. Do you like it too? I love to swim in the river and see animals. I like to see them play and I love to play with them too. It is so beautiful there!

Please take care of our river and keep it clean.


Nora Duffy

Hello Severna Park,

Do you know about the Severn River? A lot of animals live in the Severn River, like turtles, fish, crabs and heron. The Severn River is fun. It is peaceful and beautiful.

The water needs to be healthy and stay clean. It is fun to play in the river. The osprey need homes on the river. Animals are living here. I love the Severn River.


Tessa Shettel

Hello Severna Park,

Do you like the Severn River? Animals need food. It is calm and so much fun. Do you like to swim? If you do, keep the river clean.

I like to dig in the sand and play. River is home to osprey and need food. Osprey are so cool! Keep our river clean!


Ellis Petrey


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