Kyndle Quinones Recognized As Top Mortgage Originator

Quinones And Team Thrive In Aggressive Housing Industry


Despite fluctuations in the U.S. economy during COVID and the subsequent recovery, the real estate market in Maryland, specifically Anne Arundel County, remained strong. Kyndle Quinones, branch manager of the Quinones Team of Primary Residential Mortgage Inc., credited, in large part, the military and large number of government jobs in our area. In the real estate industry for 20 years, Quinones said last year was one like nothing she had seen before.

“Last year I personally generated 394 transactions, all from home, all paperless,” said Quinones, who manages a team of 11.

Quinones was recently honored by Baltimore Real Producers magazine and recognized by Scotman’s Guide for achieving a top 1 percent rating of mortgage originators in America. Quinones generated more than $125 million in loans in 2020. Of the top 7,500 originators in the U.S. in 2020, Quinones ranked 1,022, and of women originators, she ranked 226 of 2,057. She has been the top originator in the Mid-Atlantic since 2017.

Quinones and her team saw their jobs change during quarantine, which included coaching homebuyers through the paperless mortgage process.

“Right now, there are 22 buyers for every available home,” Quinones said. “We are seeing increasing home purchase prices, which is especially hard on first-time homebuyers. There is a lot of frustration. They are excited but tired.”

Quinones has some predictions for the housing market as the U.S. economy, 70 percent of which is driven by housing, continues to normalize after the pandemic.

“Local lending will continue to be very important,” added Quinones, noting that transactions have become more electronic, less personal, and competition from global companies has increased.

Succeeding in a male-dominated industry, Quinones sees her future role as a coach and mentor to other women.

“There needs to be a safe and constructive environment for women in this industry,” added Quinones. “We need to break the old-school mentality that women cannot excel in finance. That’s simply not true.”


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