Lytos Puts A Spin On Popular Spirit


Most people don’t consume alcohol for health benefits, but entrepreneurs Billy Fanshawe and Nick DiSanti have created Lytos vodka in hopes that it will appeal to health-conscious consumers.

“I would go out and I would use Gatorade with vodka, and I would see a lot of people doing that as well, so I would wonder, ‘Why has no one put the two together, with the electrolytes and vodka together?’” said Fanshawe, who came up with the idea nine years ago.

Fanshawe worked in advertising and started his own business before coming back to his vodka concept. He recruited DiSanti, a Towson University college friend and fellow Severna Park High School graduate, to become the co-founder of the company. They also invited fellow Towson graduate Andrew Jones to be part of the company.

“Our initial idea was that we’re looking to target millennials, we’re looking to target the younger population, because research does show that older populations are set in their brand ideas, so … it’s harder to target that older population,” DiSanti said. “But the unique thing about our vodka is, it doesn’t have the same bite that a typical vodka would have, a typical spirit. It’s going to go down easier, it’s easier on the stomach, and that also benefits and allows older generations to say, ‘This is something I could try.’”

The product comes at a fortunate time for Fanshawe and DiSanti, as hard seltzers and low-calorie beers are gaining popularity.

As he started researching and preparing for future sales, DiSanti became even more excited about the potential.

“There is a lot of research that shows that electrolytes have benefits with morning recovery, with hydrating as you’re drinking,” DiSanti said. “You see people doing it with Pedialyte and with Gatorade. We cannot make those claims, but we want consumers to decide for themselves.”

Fanshawe and DiSanti have several distributor agreements in place with Severna Park and Pasadena businesses. Before the end of September, they expect Lytos vodka to be at Park Tavern, Severna Park Taphouse, Hellas Restaurant & Lounge, Twain’s Tavern, Turner’s Liquors, and Harbour Wine & Spirits.

The entrepreneurs have a few ideas for other beverages, but the priority is producing and marketing their vodka.

“We’re really hoping to bring a lot of people out to Severna Park and Pasadena restaurants to try this,” Fanshawe said. “We’ve been on lockdown and things are slowly opening back up. I think it will be a great way to bring people together. Being that we’re local, I think it’s cool that this has the potential to go national, and it started right here, and I think the town should be excited about that.”

To learn more, visit or find the company on social media @lytosvodka on Instagram and Facebook.


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