Meet Your New Spicy Neighbor, Senor’s Chile Cantina


There's a hot, spicy neighbor in town that you need to check out. Senor's Chile Cantina had its grand opening in Arnold on June 4, with live music, Mexican dancing horses, and Mariachi. There's a lot to celebrate about this restaurant — a relaxed vibe with vivid colors, lots of south-of-the-border décor, and some of the best Mexican food in the area.

I felt a little worn out when I entered the restaurant, but that didn't last long. The upbeat Mexican music, vibrant colors, hanging stars and pinatas in the bar, and colorful banners perked me right up.

My friendly waitress, Candy, arrived quickly with my iced tea and immediately suggested the taquitos when asked for a popular appetizer. That was a great pick! The chicken taquitos were the best I've had and a star in the meal experience. Light and crispy on the outside and not the least bit greasy or dried out, these taquitos were stuffed with spicy, tender shredded chicken. They were served on a bed of lettuce with cheese, queso, crema, jalapenos, carrots and large slices of avocado. The avocado provided a cool contrast to the spicy heat. I relish diving into a dish with a fusion of flavors, colors and textures.

I also ordered the mariscada or Mexican seafood soup. You can't beat the presentation - a bright orange stoneware bowl chock-full of clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops and calamari. I ordered it with cream, per Candy's suggestion. The soup boasted a classic, though light (even with the cream), seafood flavor. It's served with tortillas, but I can picture eating it hot with a piece of crusty bread. It would be great on a chilly day, but it's always a "Chile" day there, right? I took the leftovers home, and my husband took one look and said, "Wow! What a soup!"

For my entrée, I picked Roberto's special. It's a mix of tender grilled salmon, shrimp, scallions, vegetables, and Mexican rice with a "special sauce." It's a generous portion of a hearty, flavorful dish. Still, I honestly couldn't ascertain a "special sauce." It wasn't my favorite, but that’s my preference. It was a hit when I took it home.

The tres leches was first class — luscious in appearance and taste, it's one of the finest I've had so far! I slowly savored the vanilla and cream tastes in the milk-soaked cake drizzled with a raspberry topping. The raspberry gave the cake a perfect complementary tang.

At just $57, it was a bargain for so much fabulous food!

The restaurant has a good-sized menu full of variety, including classic Mexican dishes, salads and vegetarian options. You can pick your protein for tacos– including chicken, shrimp, suadero, chorizo, lengua (beef tongue) and pork. Everything was extra fresh – you just knew it was all made from scratch.

Catering is available. Check out the website — — and follow the restaurant on Facebook to get up-to-date specials and updates on upcoming events.

Where To Find Senor’s Chile Cantina

1266 Bay Dale Drive, Arnold



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