My Story

Gym Owner Makes Dream A Reality


Growing up, I was always regularly active as a child. I played sports year-round and always had a passion for anything related to fitness. Once I went to college, I had the idea of getting into business and being a manager of a gym, working in a corporate setting by helping people with their workouts and nutrition.

While in college, I switched majors twice and was still unclear of the path I wanted to take until I took anatomy and physiology. That class changed the course of what I wanted to pursue in life, and I never looked back. I graduated with honors with my bachelor’s degree in exercise science and with my master’s degree in applied health physiology.

While pursuing my master’s degree, I used my spare time as a fitness staff member to gain experience working at the Big Vanilla/YMCA. During my beginning months there, I was unsure this position would lead me into my full-time career. It was not until my director at the time approached me with a proposal to work in a group exercise setting offering members five-minute core workout routines. Shortly after, I started to become well known around the gym for my core exercises. I obtained my ACE personal training certification and began working one on one with clients as well as providing small group training. This very opportunity is the base of my journey today.

Fast forward 15 years, I am now the owner of a successful health and fitness studio! Working with all fitness levels, thriving at group training for everyone is my strong suit. I have been blessed during this journey with a continuously growing clientele that has supported me and believes in all that I do. My client’s growth, development and hard work have made my job fulfilling. I try to teach everyone to have the mindset to be strong, bold, and determined toward their health and fitness goals. I customize every workout, ensuring each client is accommodated. My goal is for everyone to get the best workout possible for their needs, regardless of their fitness levels or physical restrictions.

I have worked with clients who lost 100 pounds in nine months and who became injury free. I want to help people identify the barriers that get in the way of being healthy and fit. Once we identify those, they can break barriers and reach their full potential.

My words to live by: “Iron Will … Never Quit.”

Three-2 Health & Fitness Studio is located at 770 Ritchie Highway, Suite W11, in Severna Park. The studio is also unique because it offers active shooter training and self-defense training. To learn more about Three-2 Health & Fitness studio, call 443-915-4154, visit, or follow the studio on Facebook and Instagram.