Need An Attorney? The Law Office Of David V. Diggs Offers Compassion And Clear Advice


The law can be complicated and so can life. The Law Office of David V. Diggs, LLC helps people navigate through legal challenges whether it’s an adoption, a divorce, or a personal injury caused by someone else’s negligent behavior.

“In any area, it’s about helping people get through a struggle, a dispute, through negotiation and litigation,” said David Diggs, who has 35 years of experience as an attorney. “We’re not a big cookie-cutter law firm, so we’re able to meet their individual needs.”

After 30 years of practice, Diggs opened the Millersville office in 2017.  The firm has grown to include  two lawyers and four paralegals. Over time, Diggs has acquired the necessary legal savvy while working hard to represent his clients and put them at ease during difficult times. He is a hard worker and a vigorous advocate in a complex and sometimes intimidating legal system.

“I talk on the phone all the time with people who say, ‘I don’t know where to start,’” Diggs said. “There’s a lot to work through. In a divorce case, is the couple living together? Has there been domestic violence that needs the court’s attention?”

Compassion and communication are key to effective representation. Not only is that important to Diggs but also to Barry Emdadi, who recently joined The Law Office of David V. Diggs. Emdadi has a bachelor’s degree in family studies and a Master of Business Administration degree. He also spent time in the sales and hospitality fields.

“That well-roundedness allows me to empathize with different issues people may have,” he said.

The law office treats every situation individually, handling sensitive family matters such as divorce, adoptions and custody disputes. When it comes to personal injuries, The Law Office of David V. Diggs fights hard to get clients the compensation they deserve whether their injuries were sustained in a car accident, a slip and fall accident, or a dog attack.

In addition to family law and personal injury cases, the practice also prepares wills and other estate planning documents.

“You can create a real hassle for your family if you don’t have a will,” Diggs said. “It’s important that you get to decide what happens to your estate upon your passing.”

Family and community involvement are important to Diggs, a father of three. He coaches girls soccer, basketball and lacrosse for Green Hornets. He previously served on the board of directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Maryland and was on the CollegeBound Foundation’s executive committee. Diggs also enjoys speaking to the next generation of lawyers seeking continuing education.

Over the last two years, his practice expanded 50 percent, something he feels thankful for because he knows the pandemic has been tough on businesses.

“We were lucky to be essential workers, and we could socially distance,” he said.

In addition to Diggs and Emdadi, the staff includes paralegals Tiffany Moore, Julieta Tord, Rachel Fabrizi and Lisa Bogan-Reohr. Bogan-Reohr has practiced law in Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut, but is not yet barred in Maryland.

The attorneys at The Law Office of David V. Diggs are experienced in all facets of family law, personal injury, and wills and estates. For more information, contact The Law Office of David V. Diggs, LLC at 410-244-1189 or email The office is located at 8684 Veterans Highway, Suite 302, in Millersville.

Regardless of a person’s needs, the team will make sure that person has effective and compassionate representation.

“It’s about being able to understand what that person is going through, making sure they understand the process is not going to be quick and easy but also making sure it’s accommodating,” Diggs said.


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