Peas And Carrots: Kitchen Trends That Are In-Season For 2024


We’re back to deliver our favorite kitchen trends for 2024. As the pandemic supply chain delays start to fade, kitchen design is catapulted into more bold, personalized designs. From your favorite color to the gadget that you never knew you needed, kitchens are becoming more fun and functional in so many ways. We’ve paired up our favorite kitchen trends for 2024, and we think they go together like peas and carrots!

Custom Colors and Natural Stone

Color is taking a bold turn in that it is becoming much more personal. I tell my clients that the colors and finishes they choose in their kitchens are less about trends and more about how they make them feel when they enter the room. Will the space bring them joy and comfort? Custom colors are more and more available in kitchen cabinetry, allowing homeowners to make their spaces truly their own. We are also seeing a rise in natural stone as the beauty of marble and granite are truly one-of-a-kind. No two slabs of stone are ever the same, and the depth and movement of natural stones like Dover white and Taj Mahal create a truly customized space.

Storage Solutions and Pocket Doors

A new kitchen offers advantages in storage that weren’t readily available before. Updates in construction have led to options like deeper drawers, stacked cabinetry and hidden storage solutions. More and more people are adding smart storage, like hidden paper towel pull-outs or cabinetry with pocket doors, that allow you to tuck away small countertop appliances for a clean look.

Natural Colors and Wood Tones

Classic jewel tones will always have their place – especially with historic colors like navy and bottle green. We are seeing a shift in tones to lighter, airier colors that reflect a more natural feel. Watery blues and mossy greens are very on-trend and reflect our current climate of well-being and getting into nature. Wood finishes in cabinetry are also still on the rise – we love integrating white oak and alder into the kitchens to add warmth and texture.

Technology and Sustainability

There has been an explosion in technology in the last year, and kitchens are becoming smarter and smarter. Touch-control cooktops and energy-efficient, quiet ventilation make cooking easier, cleaner and healthier. Built-in composting machines eliminate gallons of garbage and add important nutrients to gardens. Workstation sinks made of durable composite granite can feature a built-in drying rack, glass rinser, cutting boards and strainer.

What is the best kitchen trend of 2024? Personalizing your design to best fit your family. Severna Park Kitchen & Bath would love to help customize your kitchen design with its talented team of designers and beautiful selections of finishes. Call 410-777-9526 for a consultation!


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