Question Of The Month: Benfield Elementary


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Hampton’s class at Benfield Elementary answered the question:

If you were the teacher, what rules would you make?

Let kids choose their seats every day. Let them bring cupcakes for their friends. Let kids just have fun and do whatever they want — two hours of recess, bring one-pound slimes to school, buy some good things for a toy chest, and at the end of every day, I would let them choose a prize.

Rowan Berman

We get two hours of recess time. When the second hour of recess goes by, bring the kids cold water bottles. Allow fidget toys as long as they aren’t too loud. Friends can sit next to each other. Buy some cool props for theater. Let kids take turns on the piano. Let them watch movies on each last day of the month!

Nevaeh Callahan

One rule would be you get to go into groups and someone would be assigned to be the “teacher.” Every week for one or two times, you would be able to pick a book, stress toy, or a charm for behaving! Bad kids won't have any, except for an educational book. Everyone would get a “skip class” pass once every week.

Ashley Coronado

I would have a fidget box that all the kids could play with.

Presley Davis

I would let everybody retake tests.

Wyatt Donaldson

I would have to make recess longer. Kids need more fresh air and a longer break from learning. I would let my students play field hockey, lacrosse and other sports at recess. Teachers say that those sports are dangerous and kids get hurt. But it's a part of life.

Millie Evans

If I was a teacher, I would bring out cold water on hot days, and when it was cold outside, they would give you hand warmers.

Meg Feemster

My rules would be no homework until high school, children pick their seats and children pick their EC-guided reading book of their reading level. I think our education is important, but some things I don’t think would make a big difference if we didn’t learn. I would really appreciate it if we could learn more about animals and some students' interest in future careers.

Maddie Hale

If I was a teacher, I would give my students a day that they can do whatever they want.

Max Knoepfle

I would make a rule that we would make recess have an extra 30 minutes.

Kaleena Listman

You can redo your test whenever you want, get to choose your own seats every month and get homework passes every marking period. We would have two hours of recess, and can go on your phone when you're allowed.

Alana Martin

I don’t know what to do. How about you?

Ares Mason

If I was the teacher, I would make a rule where school wouldn’t be a thing.

Liam Morris

My rules as a teacher would be the following: no homework, two recesses that are each 45 minutes, you can bring a phone or iPad and go on it whenever allowed. You can participate in special challenges once a month to earn cookies and candy, play fun icebreaker games once a day, read for 30 minutes a day, always work hard, be kind, and most importantly, have fun!

Lucy Morrison

I would make a rule for more recess time because it is only 15 minutes. The new recess time would be 30 minutes!

Caleb Newton

If I was the teacher, I would make a rule where people can redeem awards when they do something kind, selfless, etc. Also, people would get a longer lunch period and they would have longer recess. I would also give advanced writing lessons so people could learn more. I would give older kids a snack time because they don’t get one, and I would make sure kids are not stressed in the classroom by putting a stress bin up.

Lila Posey

Ultimate recess time and lunch. Allow the kids to sit next to friends and talk. Let kids play tackle football or intensive sports. Let kids play basketball in the classroom. Kids can have soda at school if parents allow them. Kids get ice cream and snow cones on hot days after lunch and recess.

Thomas Regala

Everyone would have an hour-long break after recess and lunch and would have 35 minutes for recess and for lunch so everyone would be happy. Yay.

Ethan Richburg

I would have my class be able to watch YouTube and TikTok and play “Among Us” in the last 20 minutes of class. I also would play music during class. I would let the kids take a fidget toy from the fidget bin before class and I would have a class store for dojo points to be spent in.

Abigail Rinick

If I was a teacher, I would make a rule that you can eat while doing school so that they would not be hungry during class. Also, I would make recess one hour so that kids have more time to play.

Isabella Suciu

If I was a teacher, I would make a rule for more recess, and at lunch you can sit with your friends at any time. Also, there would be food drives all the time for the less fortunate.

Dominic Tangrea

I would allow pajamas every day, Nerf blasters at recess and all major video game consoles. The bookshelves would be used to store games, classes would be about the history of cool stuff like video games, and Lego online school would be through Discord. There would be Nerf wars on every Friday, spaceships to get to school because it's in space, and pizza samiches (samiches is a funny way to say sandwiches), cookie cake and candy for lunch.

Thomas Wolfe

If I was a teacher, I would let the kids have one hour of lunch and one hour of recess. I would also give prizes out to the people who got A’s on a quiz. I would give them homework only twice a week. I would let them have an hour to do whatever they want.

Skylar Yeager

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We asked Ms. Hampton’s class, “If you were the teacher, what rules would you make?”


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