Question Of The Month: Broadneck Elementary


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Baker’s class at Broadneck Elementary School answered the question:

What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you and why?

 Being left-handed because 10% of people are left-handed in the world and ambidextrous is one out of 100.

Jackson Bennett

The luckiest thing that has happened was being born.

Sutton Brown

Having family, pets and friends to love me.

Kelsey Castro

Having a caring and loving family that supports me with everything I do!

Victoria Collins

My grandma bought me a scratch-off ticket, and I won $500 off it.

Chris Cox

I won a basketball game by one in double overtime.

Jacob Crosby

The luckiest thing that ever happened to me was adopting a dog I had never met or seen from Puerto Rico and finding out he was the most amazing dog ever.

Jesse DeMattio

Having blue eyes because 8% of people in the world have blue eyes.

Brendan Fisher

I have green eyes, and only 2% of the world has green eyes.

Nolan Gaither

Getting my dog, Gracie, who is now 2 and the cutest thing ever.

Parker Gassen

Getting my two rabbits, Marshmallow and Cookie.

Jordyn Guenther

Having a loving and caring family that supports me in many ways and helps me when things are hard.

Lucy Hepting

When I scored a hat trick at NITs (national indoor tournament) for field hockey, my family was really cheerful, and it made me happy and proud.

Annemarie Imber

When I got my new kitten, Turbo, who is now a friend for my older cat, Zipper.

Samuel Long

Getting my new dog for my birthday for a surprise.

Evoleth Lopez-Colmenares

Going to a surprise Ravens football game on Christmas Eve!

Carson Lorance

Getting 600 bucks in one day because it was my birthday, and six uncles were giving me $100 each.

Aayan Malik

Ending up with quirky parents that are just like me.

Zoë McGranahan

When I met my two besties from Broadneck in fourth grade.

Sambhavi Panth

My two cats are lucky to me. Why? Because we picked one up from the street and the other was given to me. That's why they are lucky to me.

Luhana Perez-Zapata

The Steelers beating the Ravens in a close game.

Danny Pittinger

When I went to a car show with my family in South Carolina and we found a dog that we could adopt, so we adopted her, and now she is my best friend.

Jake Pruitt

When I first got my dog, Wanda, because she makes me feel better when I am sad.

Evelyn Shaklee

Having two cats named Missy and Stanley.

Caroline Shauger

Being able to fly to and from Florida to see my grandparents.

Piper Shenton

I like basketball and soccer, and I play with my friend, and I like pizza and chicken.

Tom Tran

When there was a bearded dragon for sale, and my mom got it for me for no real reason.

Mila Viguers

Going to Myrtle Beach for the first time.

Bentley White

Meeting my fiancé in 2022 at the Annapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Ms. Baker


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