Question Of The Month: Folger McKinsey Elementary School


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mr. Haley’s class at Folger McKinsey Elementary School answered the question:

What has been your favorite memory from fifth grade and why?

My favorite memory from fifth grade was moving to Severna Park, Maryland, and making new friends and meeting new teachers.

Abi R.B.

Seeing my friends again at the start of the year because I missed them.

Addison B.

My favorite memory of fifth grade was meeting the people that I sit with at lunch and doing all of the fun things that we have done together.

Adelaide B.

My favorite part of fifth grade was all the kind teachers and all the friends that I have made.

Aidan Z.

Not wearing masks because I don’t like them.

Brody P.

Making new friends and playing rugby on the third day of school. Also, all of the drama that makes no sense, and being the “mom” of a friend group and listening to other people tell me what's wrong.

Charlotte S.

My favorite memory was meeting my friends. I did not have many friends at all. Now I have friends, and my teachers are really nice. My favorite teacher is Mr. Haley. He is nice to everybody and he is funny. This has been my favorite year.

Chris W.

My favorite memory of fifth grade is when I got to sit next to all my friends in math class.

Ethan B.

Making new friends, seeing my friends that I hadn’t seen since COVID-19 and playing games with my friends.

Ethan M.

Meeting new people or strengthening relationships with friends I’ve been friends with for a while.

Gavin C.

My favorite memory from fifth grade is playing games outside with my friends, like soccer. It is my favorite because I really like playing with my friends at soccer, and it is competitive because my teacher plays too.

Gavin E.

My favorite memory in fifth grade was making all my friends.

Gavin P.

My favorite memory from Folger McKinsey during fifth grade has definitely been when I found out my art was being shown in the Annapolis Mall for an art show. This was important to me because I've always wanted to be an artist, so this was an accomplishment that I will always remember and be proud of.

Hannah P.

My favorite memory of fifth grade is when the whole fifth grade was picking up the soccer ball and running with it while other people were trying to get the ball and tackling them down to the ground. That is my favorite memory because we got to be our crazy selves!

Heather S.

Making tons of new friends. Also seeing my old friends.

Jack S.

My favorite memory was when I met all of my best friends in the world! I would not be who I am or where I am today without them. Thank you so much to my amazing best friends! They have helped me go through so much and I am so grateful to have them. If it was not for Folger, I would have never met them and I don't even want to think about life without them. I love you guys so much and hope we will live and get old as best friends!

Jessy B.

I think mine is meeting friends because they are always there for me when I am sad, happy, or even very emotional. I love my best friends and they will always be there for me and will always be my best memory.

Keisha E.

My favorite memory was in the morning. We always start the day with a Wordle. It can be pretty hard, but I guess our class was having a good day, so we got two letters on our first guess. Second guess, we get another letter right, so we're all hyped up and one kid takes our third guess and gets it. We probably disrupted the other class because we went crazy.

Leo E.

Getting to have a chance to have fun with all of these people I haven’t seen in a long time because of COVID, and people I have never met. I also love to learn all of the crazy things in fifth grade.

Maddox M.

My favorite part of fifth grade was learning about fractions and decimals in math. Also, I liked writing essays in language arts. Most importantly, I made new friends that are very nice! Learning new things this year helped me grow as a person and now I know more than I did last year!

Mary P.

Seeing the teachers, being a bus safety and seeing my friends since kindergarten.

Megan L.

Many things in fifth grade have been really fun, but one of the most fun was the drownproofing field trip. It was really fun and I hope I do something like it again.

Niko G.

My favorite part of fifth grade this year was hanging out with my friends and doing fun things like laughing in the middle of class for no reason at all. Also standing up in front of the whole grade and saying “chicken nugget” because why not?

Padraig D.

My favorite memory from fifth grade was probably one day when we had indoor recess and got to play Blooket. In my opinion, this was really fun because we got to take a break from schoolwork. Everyone had more freedom.

Scarlett J.


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