Question Of The Month: Oak Hill Elementary School


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Klug’s class at Oak Hill Elementary School answered the question:

If you could give one gift this holiday season, what would it be, and to whom?

I would give an assisted living home in the area with equipment and resources for the people living there so they can exercise to stay healthy so their lives can feel more comfortable during their time there.
Marin Bailey

If I could give one gift this holiday season, it would be two large boxes filled with food. This will be for anybody that needs food or homeless people. I hope this will help world hunger!
Angela Chan

I would make a food bank/homeless shelter for all of the homeless people because everyone deserves a good and comfortable life.
Edmund Cowell

I would give a gift to my BFF, Sadie. She has always been there since I was little and she has been funny, nice, kind and overall the best friend I have ever had. I would give her a check for $1 million if I could so she could get whatever she wanted.
Sloane DeCosmo

I would give my mom new cooking supplies because we are getting our kitchen redone. I would like her to have new knives, forks, spoons and cutting boards to match it.
Luca DiMauro

If I could give one gift for this holiday season, I would give my parents $10,000 because they put on Christmas every year for me and my siblings. I thought it was time they got a little more than “thank you.”
Landon Ervick

I'd give my friend Edmund a trip to a good hunting spot because he likes to go hunting.
Jagger Eschenburg

For this holiday, I would give my friend Keegan $100,000 to Ulta and Sephora. I would also give her four Taylor Swift tickets because she is nice to me, makes me laugh and she is my best friend.
Grace Fithyan

I would give my mom two Taylor Swift tickets so I could go with her. Also, she is a big Swiftie.
Emily Gallicchio

I would give a kind homeless person a shopping spree and buy them a bunch of stuff that he or she needs to live a happier life.
Dylan Gursel

I would get a premium ticket to the spa for my mom because she is always doing so much for my family.
William Hopkin

If I could give one gift this holiday season, I would give dog toys to the Senior Dog Sanctuary. Those are dogs that I would want to be really happy on one of their last Christmases.
Jace Kerley

I would like to donate food and supplies to a homeless shelter as they need the stuff we use every day. It would put a smile on my face to know that I could change a life for the better if I donate something as simple as a food.
Henry Kreiner

I would give a homeless person a day of anything they want. Why? Because it would make him or her feel appreciated and feel like they live a normal life. That is why, out of anything or anybody, I would choose to give a homeless person the best day ever.
Lucas Ladika

I would give a card, a baking book and a Starbucks gift card to my Aunt Liz because even though she is not in my family, she has always supported me and loved me like I was her kid.
Rosalie Larson

I would give Grace a $100,000 Ulta gift card because she likes Ulta and can get more skin care. I would give her this because she is my best friend.
Keegan Merriman

I would give my parents a super fun trip to wherever they want.
Dylan Moore

I would buy my parents a one-week vacation in Paris, and when that's done, then they would fly from Paris to Hawaii for one week there, too. I would give it to my parents so they can have a time without kids.
Alexander Mufareh

For this holiday season, I would give a weighted blanket to a very sick child in a hospital. I would give this because if they are that sick, they must be really scared and nervous, so I would give them that to calm them down.
Lilliana Mysek

If I could give one gift this holiday season, it would be a new house in my neighborhood to my friend Nicholas, because I think he would love to play with his best friends in the same neighborhood.
Ethan Nguyen

I would give a pink axolotl to my sister because she likes them and I think it would make her happy if she got one.
Chase Paulson

I would give it to a person who is struggling in life. I would give them whatever they need, plus more. For example, to a person with cancer, I would give the gift of surviving. For a homeless person, I would give them a house or money to pay for rent or food.
Anna Pilholski

I would get my mom a library with plants because she absolutely loves plants and books. There will also be an alpaca farm because she also loves alpacas.
Henry Russell

I would give my brother front-row tickets to an NFL Ravens game so he can meet the players. I think that this would make him really happy, and it would also make me the sister of the year.
Aubrey Scott

I would get my grandmother a new puppy. Since she misses her old dog, Reese, this would make her happy.
Nora Shephard

If I could give one gift this holiday season, it would be money. I chose this because so many people don’t have money. It could benefit them in every way possible. Also, it would bring me joy to know I’m helping people in need of help.
Lillian Soll

I would give my parents a trip to Santorini, Greece. My parents deserve a trip with no kids because they work hard and take care of us. Also, they take us to sports around Maryland. They need it!
Riley Thomasson


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