Question of the Month: Severna Park Middle School


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local class. This month, students from Mrs. Austin’s sixth-grade class at Severna Park Middle School answered the question:

If you could travel to the future and be yourself for one day, how old would you be and what would you do?

I would bring an old coin or something and leave it at my house because it would probably be worth a lot more. I would also buy a cool gadget from the future and bring it back with me.
Andrea R.

I would want to be 18 and figure out if COVID is still there.
Angie C.

If I could travel to the future for one day, I would go to the day I turn 75. I would do this to see if I am still alive by that point. If I am indeed living, I would see what house I live in, if I have any pets, and most importantly, make sure I don't have a Karen haircut.
Audrey Si.

I would go to when I am about 40, and I would see what technology they have then and take it back to better improve our current world.
Audrey Sm.

I would travel to the year 2027, because that's when I will go to college.
Ben S.

I would be 23, and I'd race Formula 1 for Red Bull Racing.
Gideon D.

I would go 10 years into the future so I could see what the stocks look like. Then I will come back with that knowledge and I will get loaded.
Jacob R.

I would go to the future and find the most popular product. I would be about 22, go back to the past, patent it and then be a whole lot different when I’m 22.
Judson P.

I would travel 100 years from today into the future and see how climate change has impacted our world. I would also see how far our technology has come to stop climate change.
Morgan R.

I would be at least 16 with an ID, so that way I can at least drive. I would probably travel all around the world. I would also see how me and my friends are doing if I can find them, just to see what will happen to us in the future. I would also see what big events happened that I would be a part of.
Quinlyn B.

I would be 40 and probably just see, like, how different it is from now and take one-sixteenth of my money back with me.
Tristen S.


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