Question Of The Month: Severna Park Tutoring & Educational Advocacy


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local class. With kids on summer break, we asked a book club from Severna Park Tutoring & Educational Advocacy to answer this question:

Who is your favorite book character and why?

 Dog Man is a silly hero, and he has tons of adventures.
Addison M.

The Little Mermaid is my favorite because she swims really fast and is a really good singer.
Adrianna Z.

Spider-Man is my favorite because he saves people and he is really helpful.
Alex Z.

My favorite book character is Big Nate because he gets in detention all the time, even though I’ve never been in detention.
Amin Z.

Jasmine is fun because she can fly on a carpet.
Brielle B.

Elephant and Piggie are the best because they’re good friends and they’re funny!
Caitlyn M.

My favorite book is “Little Red Riding Hood” because she is brave and she is strong.
Emma C.

I like Mighty Meg because she gets magical powers, but she doesn’t tell anyone, but she still helps people.
Grace F.

My favorite book character is Maggie from “Wildoak” because she is curious and loves animals.
Hanley M.

I like Mercy Watson because she is a pig, and she loves to eat toast.
Hannah B.

I like Dog Man because it is kind of like a comic book and there’s crazy stuff that happens.
Jaxon M.

I like Danny from “What Should Danny Do?” because he can make naughty choices.
Justus G.

I like Kristie from “The Baby-Sitters Club” because she is a great leader and she tries to help her friends be their best. And she is organized just like me!
Kennedy B.

I like Winnie from “Tuck Everlasting.” I like her because she goes on adventures and she changes a lot in the book.
Lilliana M.

Sonic the Hedgehog because he is really fast, and he has a friend named Tails.
Lucca B.

I like Mo Willems’ Piggie because she is kind of funny and one time she acted like a frog.
Maddie F.

I like Pete the Cat because he can eat three cupcakes at a time.
Millie B.

Captain Underpants is my favorite because he tells funny jokes.
Patrick F.

I like Nathan Hale because he tells history and makes it interesting.
Patrick M.

I like Mercy Watson because she is cute and she likes toast more than me.
Wyatt B.

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