Question Of The Month: Shipley’s Choice Elementary School


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Benefiel’s class at Shipley’s Choice Elementary School answered the question:

How have your parents or guardians made a difference in your life?

My parents have helped me have success in and out of school.
Jonathan Bullough

My dad has had a wonderful impact in my life, helping me do my best in softball. With his help, I have gotten a lot better in pitching and catching. My mom has helped me on the sidelines, always cheering me on during really tough games. She’s someone that I can always talk to and rely on.
Adelaide Carlson

They helped me learn how to think about my life choices. They also taught me to think about my actions.
Nathan Chen

My parents have made a difference by making sure I am always happy. At dinner, they always ask me how school was. Also, when I get home from playing with friends, they ask if I had fun. They also make a difference in my life by making sure I am OK. For example, if I don't look so good, they will ask me how I feel.
Ella Devaud

My dad has helped me so much in softball and lacrosse by giving me tips and teaching me new things. It really has made me a better player. My mom has helped me so much, when I don’t understand something and always helps me figure it out. But my parents have changed my life the most by supplying me with food, water, clothes, a house, sport equipment and many more things.
Lexi Fitzsimmons

They have made me breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes we go out for lunch or dinner. Also, they provided me a home and food. They do a lot for my sissy and me.
Owen Henry

My mom and dad have done so much for me and they have made a big change in my life. For example, when I was not feeling well, my mom would be there for me to help me get through it. Also, my dad has been there to help me learn stuff like riding a bike, helping me play soccer because he was the best soccer player I knew. My parents do so much for me, I love them so much.
Finley Johnson

My parents have supported me in things I like doing and they have been really kind and loving. They have taken time away from their day just to take me to swim and Boy Scouts. They really are the best parents ever.
Mitchell Klee

My mom and dad helped me learn how to do many things, like how to ride a bike, read and skateboard. They always provide for food and water for me. They always have my back.
Addison Lippenholz

They have been keeping me away from foods like dyed candy.
Drew Maggitti

My parents have made a huge difference in my life and I wouldn't be here without them. They have fed me, bought me clothes, put me in sports, and taken me on vacations so I could be happy. I love them a lot and they have made a huge difference in my life.
Patrick Mchale

They changed my life by encouraging me to do things. Also helping me with things I need help on. Also taking care of me and protecting me. That is how they make a difference on my life.
Brody Miller

My parents have made a difference in my life by taking me to practices. They have made a difference in my life by taking us to Disney World or even just letting us have a sleepover. They are the best parents. My mom has done a lot for my family; she has been taking my brother to Dallas, Texas, for a soccer tournament. She also took me to Delaware for a lacrosse tournament.
Carter Moden

First, they put food on the table and let me eat. Second, they mostly let me do what I want to do and get me lots of things. Third, they are both really kind and are nice to everybody. Fourth, they are smart and get money as fast as possible. Lastly, they try their hardest and do their best. In conclusion, my parents have made a big impact on me.
Dominic Montante

They have made a difference in my life by providing many things for me like shelter, food, clothing and school. They help me with homework whenever I need help, and they support me in sports. They help me do drills to practice soccer and lacrosse in my backyard too. My parents have made a very big difference in my life.
Addie Newhard

Yes, they have made me a nice kid. I love my parents; they always make the best decisions for me. They make me try new foods. They always watch movies with me, and it is good bonding time. My dad taught me how to ride a bike. He also taught me how to skateboard. When I was 4, my dad taught me how to skate and I really enjoyed it.
Luke Phelan

My parents have always been there for me even when I am in a bad mood and do not want to be helped. Also, they have gone to all my sports games. Lastly, they are super caring to me. They never want to discourage me. If I want to play outside, they will play with me and help me with something I need to work on. All of that seems great and all, but the most important part is that they love for who I am and they give me the chance to succeed.
Henry Snow

My aunt has helped me get smarter and I really appreciate it and that person having a difference in my life.
Joeanna Tann-Funnye

They help me with a lot of things, and they challenge me and give me protection, food and water.
Bradley Vaught

My parents always want to love and care for me. I love most that they always are open to help and go to the most important events. I always know that my parents have made a difference in my life.
Lena Ventrudo

My mom and my dad gave me shelter and they have always brought me through the tough times. They have always been there for me when I needed them. They provided my food, water and toys. They are the best parents.
Starrla Willingham

My mom and dad take really good care of me. They feed me, gift me things sometimes, and give shelter. But most importantly, they love me and I love them too.
Mary Winship

They give me shelter in a nice and sturdy house. They give me food and water so I stay healthy. They protect me from anything that could hurt me.
Kyle Winters

My parents have been a huge part in my life. My mom has taught me how to have good manners and how to dress. My dad has taught me how to play sports and have a good attitude. Both have taught me how to be a better person.
Ella Worthington


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