Question Of The Month: St. John The Evangelist


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from St. John the Evangelist School answered the question:

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

I would be a cute, brave and cool lion. The baby cubs (baby lions) are adorable. They also like making the pride’s male mad. The lion is a brave mammal. They stand up to any animal, including an elephant. Their mane is very furry and looks like a collar. Have you ever seen an animal with a collar? You better watch out next time you’re in the African savanna with a lion.

Alex M.

I would want to be a scarlet macaw because they have beautifully colored feathers with hues such as scarlet, blue, yellow and green. They are extremely intelligent and can distinguish colors and shapes. Also, scarlet macaws are social animals that live in family groups or pairs, so they are rarely alone in the wild. I would like this because I don’t like being alone for a long time.

Ava H.

If I could be an animal, I would totally be a dolphin. Dolphins can swim wherever they want. I’ve seen them when on boats, by the Bay Bridge. Dolphins are so nice and happy. They are gray with flippers, swim really fast, and also do great tricks. Dolphins are friendly to humans and are very intelligent. Dolphins let humans ride their backs and they’re not scared at all of prey or any animals.

Brynn C.

I would definitely be a turtle. First, they have built-in protection. On their backs they have shells, which they hide in when scared or in danger. Snapping turtles also have really sharp teeth that can bite off your finger. Dangerous, but useful. Next, they live all over the world. Many turtles live in the ocean, in marshes, and different types of turtles are just roaming around little streams. Lastly, they are endangered. I would help other turtles to bring the population up.

Cate G.

I would be an axolotl. They are cute salamanders that are often mistaken for “walking fish” and they live underwater. They are known for their adorable yawns. Axolotls can be pink and white, black and green, white albino, and golden albino. More rarely, they can be copper, or lavender with black spots. They can grow their limbs up to five times and they are 1,000 times more resistant to cancer than mammals. Axolotls are only found in the wild in Lake Xochimilco in Mexico City.

Colin B.

One reason I’d be a cat is because cats get to sleep and chill all day. These animals don’t have to deal with anything bad happening in the outside world. Another reason I would like to be a cat is because they are treated like royalty. They get treats all day and get to be pet and loved. Cats can also see in the dark. Also, a cat can jump off high places and land on their feet.

Finley S.

I would be a turtle because they live long. Turtles live for about 100 years on average, and I love living. Also, if I were a turtle, I could be so cute, and if you are a cute animal, more people will love you and keep you safe. Finally, I could not get eaten by a bird because of my strong shell. Turtle shells can withstand 200 times their weight or thousands of pounds.

Geoffrey M.

I like polar bears because they are such awesome swimmers. Some polar bears have been tracked swimming 96 miles at a time! I also like that they are protective of their babies. I’m super close with my family and I would do anything to protect them, too. A polar bear’s main diet consists of seals and they can eat up to 150 pounds at a time. I also have a big appetite and enjoy eating, but instead of seals, I prefer devouring a cheeseburger with fries.

Jacob K.

I would be a monkey because I could live in warm weather and eat bananas. Monkeys are very funny, and I like funny things. Monkeys are very smart too; they use tools made out of wood to make things they need. If I was a monkey, I could also swing on trees and live in the rainforest. They are the closest animals to humans because they are very smart.

James H.

If I could choose any animal, I would be a horse. I love how they move in a herd. If you were going to put me in a herd, I would step on everyone’s feet. I also love how they are strong. I think it is amazing how they can move so freely and wildly in their herds.

Jessalyn H.

I would be a lion. First, because I could be the leader of the pride and I could make choices for my pride. Second, I could be able to hunt down prey and eat them on the spot. “No grill needed.” Third, I would be the only male in the pride, so no one could tell me what to do. Lions are so cool. They can run fast, ambush prey and look cool doing it.

Luke R.

If I could be an animal, I would be a rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes are beautiful. They have a diamond pattern all over themselves. Another reason I would be a rattlesnake is because they are poisonous. If they’re in danger, then they can bite to protect themselves. I would not be a scaredy-cat anymore. They are also polite because they give a warning by rattling their tail before they bite. I would be able to make a little music with my tail. I’d be beautiful, fierce and musical.

Marie J.

I would be a black jaguar. They are stealthy, and they are really fast, with no predators except humans. Also, they live long (15 to 20 years). Another reason is that they are very beautiful and independent creatures. Also, I would be the queen of all the jungle. People would respect me for fear that I would hurt them (which I would probably never do). One last reason is that the name Jaguar means “he who kills with one leap,” which is the coolest name in the world.

Naresa G.

I would want to be an eagle. I think they look cool because they have a curved beak and have tons of different colors. Also, they have really good vision, and they can see things 20 feet away that humans can only see from five feet away. They can also fly, and I’d like to fly too because I could see everything. Being an eagle is awesome!

Nash N.

If I could be any animal, I would be a corn snake. Their skin color is super cool. They have slender orange bodies with black stripes down their back and sharp, non-venomous fangs. I like it when I see them jumping forward on their prey, ready to bite into their skin. I also think it’s cool that they have thermal vision. This would help me to find my prey easier if I were a corn snake, so I don’t have to look that hard.

Nolan D.

I would want to be a red panda because they look like a small puppy. Next, they are mostly found in China and I would really love to visit there one day. Also, they are great escape artists, so if they’re in danger, they could just slip away easily. Also, they will literally eat human food like cheese and sugar. Red pandas don’t eat meat because they are herbivores, but occasionally they will eat a bird or an odd egg.

Olivia B.

I would be a wolf. They climb mountains, dig really deep, and can fight off other wolf packs. Second, they are super cool looking. Most wolves are gray or white (sometimes they are tan), they have muscular legs that let them run really fast, and wolf pinups have the cutest little faces. Their eyes are beautiful too. Lastly, I like how wolves travel in packs. I would rather be with friends and family than be a “lone wolf.”

Raquel C.

If I were an animal, I would definitely be a golden retriever. They have beautiful golden fur, which is what gives them their name. They are called “retriever,” because of its ability to retrieve shot game undamaged due to their soft mouth. They also don’t bark a lot, so don’t count on them to be the best watchdog. I would also like to be a golden retriever because a lot of them are used as service dogs. They help people with disabilities, and I love helping people.

Reagan D.

I would be a butterfly. I love the way their wings look in the sun. Beautiful and majestic. I think it is also very interesting that butterflies start of as tiny caterpillars called larva. As the larva grow, they turn into caterpillars. After a couple weeks, the caterpillars curl up into tiny pods called cocoons. After a long time in the cocoons, the caterpillars come back out as butterflies. No two butterflies look exactly alike and that’s what makes them unique.

Reese C.

I want to be a blue-ringed octopus. First, the blue-ringed octopus looks really cool; it has yellow skin and bright-glowing blue rings that shine through the dark ocean. Second, I would have no predators because blue-ringed octopuses are highly venomous; they paralyze their victims by biting them and inject poison. My final reason is because of the blue-ringed octopus’s diet. It eats small crabs and shrimp, two of my favorite seafoods!

Ryan K.


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