Question Of The Month: Theater In The Park


Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local class. With kids on summer break in August, we asked Theater in the Park campers to answer this question:

If you could play any character from a musical, movie or show, what role would you want?

Elphaba in “Wicked” because she has a cool personality.
Chloe Bailey, age 13

I want to be Claire from “The Nutcracker” because she dances, and I like dancing.
Claire Donder, age 8

Rafiki in “The Lion King” because I did it for my first play at Broadneck Elementary.
Olivia Earley, age 12

The little mermaid because she gets to live underwater.
Eloise Jacobs-Ban-Merlin, age 8

In “High School Musical,” one of the characters sings and dances. She says goodbye to her best friend.
Liv Knight, age 7

From “Star Wars,” either Rey, Poe or Finn. Ray because she knows how to move with the force. Poe is a really good pilot. Fin because he knows everything about the dark side.
TJ Krause, age 11

I would be Lady from “Lady and the Tramp” because she gets to eat pasta.
Dylan Murdock, age 8

Albus Dumbledore. Even though he made mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, but he learned from his and that gave him greater wisdom.
McCall Pence, age 10

In “Inside Out,” there is a blue character,, that is able to spy on her family and has the color hair I like. I love her personality. It’s nice.
Harper Pollard, age 7

I would do Cosette from “Les Misérables” because she has a pretty voice.
Payton Seagroves, age 11

Gabriella from “High School Musical” and Zendaya from “The Greatest Showman.” Zendaya does trapeze. I would be Gabrielle, or Vanessa Hudgens, because I like her voice and personality.
Ashley Sindler, age 13

If “Tangled” was a stage play, definitely Rapunzel. Also, either Elsa or Anna from “Frozen.” Elsa is blonde like me, obviously, and I love her voice and character.
Karly Tufo, age 12

Probably Delia in “Beetlejuice” because she has the same name as me.
Delia Warner, age 12

Queen Mal from “Descendants” because I like to dance.
Charlotte Woodworth, age 8

I would be Alexander Hamilton from “Hamilton” because he gets to do all the fun stuff and acting, and he’s the main character.
Elliott Zapf, age 8

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