Recapping The Legislative Session


As your state senator, I am pleased to report on the legislative victories and historic progress we made for Maryland during the 446th legislative session, which recently concluded. Since the legislature gaveled in on January 10, our primary focus has been on adaptively responding to evolving circumstances and emerging technologies and building upon the implementation of groundbreaking legislation passed in recent years.

We continued the hard work to advance critical bills on a myriad of topics. From improving our juvenile justice system to expanding the accessibility of affordable housing, protecting consumers and passing a Fiscal Year 2025 budget strengthening Maryland’s economic competitiveness, the legislature took historic steps on your behalf.

This session, I am proud to report that 19 of the bills for which I served as primary sponsor will go to the governor’s desk for signature. In addition, several more bills that I sponsored as chair of the Anne Arundel County Senate delegation are expected to be signed into law. Below are some of the most significant bills that I sponsored, all of which passed with bipartisan support:

1. In an increasingly interconnected digital landscape, the Maryland Online Data Privacy Act of 2024 (Senate Bill 541) is a comprehensive bill that provides crucial consumer protections. It addresses critical aspects such as minimizing data collection, ensuring the protection of personal information, and empowering consumers with control over sensitive data like biometrics, geolocation and mental health information.

2. In response to longstanding issues within the ticket industry, including astronomical concert ticket prices, the passage of Senate Bill 539 marks a significant step toward enhancing consumer protections. By banning the controversial practice of "speculative tickets" and mandating transparent pricing throughout the purchasing process, the legislation addresses critical concerns surrounding fairness, integrity and transparency in ticket sales, ensuring that consumers are empowered with the necessary information and safeguards to make informed decisions.

3. In the event of an active shooter in a school building, it is imperative that first responders can locate that individual quickly. Senate Bill 540 authorizes the school safety subcabinet to utilize funds from the Safe Schools Fund for a grant program aimed at providing public safety officials with standardized, accurate school maps to ensure swift and efficient response to any emergency on a school campus.

4. Senate Bill 109 ensures that state employees facing the profoundly tragic loss of a child are provided with paid parental bereavement leave and the time needed to grieve.

5. Senate Bill 740 establishes the needed infrastructure to enforce existing laws that bar individuals who have been convicted of boating under the influence (BUI) from operating a vessel. The bill, which was introduced in response to the tragic death of Nick Barton of Crofton, also increases the maximum number of years these convicted individuals may be barred from operating vessels.

I was also proud to sponsor several other bills that would provide greater support to veterans and military families. These initiatives encompassed expanding property tax breaks for disabled veterans, safeguarding servicemembers and military spouses against discrimination in housing and employment, establishing a commission to devise recommendations for enhancing Maryland's military friendliness, and a host of additional measures aimed at honoring and supporting those who have served our country.

Additionally, with my partners in the House of Delegates, I secured significant capital funding for our District 33 communities, including $350,000 for the Earleigh Heights fire station and $125,000 for the Severna Park Community Center pool.

While the legislative session demands long days and nights dedicated to serving the state, it remains an honor and privilege to represent you. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for entrusting me with this responsibility. If you have questions regarding any legislation enacted during the recent session, please contact my office at


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