Repaying Kindness

Bulldog Schwinn And Sports Donates Bike To “Good Kid”


During his time away from school during the holiday break, first-grader Hunter Brown learned a valuable lesson: kindness pays off.

Roughly two weeks prior to Christmas, he gave a holiday card and $10 to his bus driver, Mike Prager of Bulldog Schwinn and Sports, as a gesture of kindness.

“I don’t know what motivated him to do this, but I was stunned,” Prager said. “He gets on the bus, doesn’t say a word, hands it to me, and goes to the back of the bus.”

Prager was so moved by the act, he invited Hunter to the shop on December 31 for a surprise gift: a free bike.

With his aunt, April Black, by his side, Hunter got to test his bike in the parking lot before taking it home.

“I don’t want to be a bad kid; I want to be a good kid,” said Hunter, a High Point Elementary student.

Black said she wasn’t surprised because Hunter is a thoughtful kid.

“We talk about being kind to people and we say that’s the only way is to be kind,” she said.