Ring Down The Curtain: Severna Park Caps A Year Of Drama


Editor's Note: One acts will now perform May 26 instead of the date originally included in this story.

As the school year draws to a close, the Severna Park High School drama department is finishing its catalog of productions. On April 14, students attended Theater Fest, and on May 26, one acts will perform, wrapping up the year of drama for SPHS.

One acts are short plays consisting of only one act. In past years, the winning one act performed at Theater Fest, the countywide showcase of high school productions. However, one acts were still rehearsing when Theater Fest was held this year, and so the SPHS improv troupe, Jeff, performed on behalf of the school. The comedy group had everyone rolling in laughter and their last show will be on May 12, the week before one acts debuts. Though Theater Fest has already passed, the school will still crown a winning one act.

“My favorite part of one acts is meeting new people and being able to work with the director to make the show better,” junior and actor Caleb Rassofsky said.

The performing shows are “Boise, Idaho,” “I Don’t Want to Talk About It,” “Our Place” and “The Three Armies.” Any student can apply to be a director with the screenplay they’ve chosen or submit one they’ve written. This year, “The Three Armies” is student written by Sabrina Richter.

“It makes it feel like the show is really our show because the director is just another student like us,” Caleb said.

After the directors are chosen, auditions are held and rehearsals begin, completely in the students’ hands. And so far, at least one onstage swordfight is confirmed.

“Being a student director means that I am fully responsible for my one act. I cast my own characters, schedule and run my own rehearsals, pick out costumes and decide on my own props,” senior and director Amanda Knaus said. “My cast have been super flexible and supportive as I figure out how to direct something and put on a show for the first time.”

Each one act lasts between 20 to 30 minutes and is followed by a critique from one of the judges. They tell the students what went well and how they could improve both their skills and the production itself. By the end, the winner will be crowned.

“I was an actor in one acts last year and it was my favorite school production to be in,” sophomore and co-director Maggie Moran said. “It was so much fun, and I loved everyone I met there. And I think this year will be no different. Our actors are all so talented and nice and I’m sure this year’s one act productions will be amazing!”

The last production of the year will be bittersweet. It will be the seniors’ last high school production and for many students, it will be their last performance until the fall. More information about one acts and all other SPHS drama items can be found at www.sphsdrama.com.


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