Severna Park Artist Unveils “A New Endeavour”


During the COVID-19 pandemic, psychologist Dr. William N. Collins saw fewer patients and rediscovered his passion for creating art. A Severna Park resident, he painted more than 120 pieces under the name W.N. Collins while people remained isolated and businesses shuttered.

The end of the pandemic did not slow him down; the prolific 87-year-old artist just opened an Annapolis exhibit called “A New Endeavour.”

His medium is acrylic. As for his tool of choice, “I work primarily with a scalpel, a knife,” he said. “There is very little brush work.”

“A New Endeavour” includes about 40 pieces. Collins hopes his work is thought-provoking.

“It’s abstract, expressionistic,” he explained. “I’m trying to express difficult emotions.”

Collins has experienced an array of emotions over the last year. He retired in March 2023 after 47 years of clinical psychology. His wife died in September after 56 years of marriage.

While grieving, Collins slowly got back to work on his paintings. Much of his exhibit focuses on subception, a concept explored by psychologist Carl Rogers.

“It’s reacting to stimulus without knowing why you are reacting to it,” Collins said. “It’s like meeting someone and you become very excited by them and don’t know why. That particular experience becomes realized consciously.”

He was also inspired by the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

“Carl Jung says every single experience you have is predestined,” Collins said. “If you look back at areas in your life where you were blocked and you changed course, you go in a new direction.”

For “A New Endeavour,” Collins used muted colors and canvases smaller than the 45-by-60-inch ones that he often employed for his paintings.

The exhibit will continue through early April at Collins’ Annapolis gallery, located at 162A West Street in the city’s art district. Collins is eager to show his work, which is open to anyone who makes an appointment. Call 410-491-6359 or email to schedule a personal viewing. Learn more at


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