Severna Park Author To Release Second Edition Of “Clergy Burnout”


The Rev. Fred Lehr, a resident of Severna Park, wrote a book titled “Clergy Burnout,” published in 2007. Now, due to the impact of COVID-19 and rising social issues, the burnout phenomenon is even more intense.

As a result, Lehr has updated “Clergy Burnout” with a second edition to be released in January 2022. He revised the earlier edition and expanded it with more content relevant to current times.

“Being honest with today’s pressures, there are important ways we can do better self-care and increase our ability to make a positive impact,” Lehr said.

A book valuable for more than clergy, Lehr’s work can help individuals in the helping professions; social workers, nurses, teachers and many more will identify with the stresses and struggles identified, he said.

The book has two main sections. The “diagnostic” section explores why it is so challenging to work in a helping profession these days. The second section asks, “What can we do to enhance our survival techniques and have positive results?”

Lehr said “Clergy Burnout” is a great companion with his 2020 book “Power Currency: How to Grow, Enhance, and Stop Squandering Your Personal Power.” He identifies himself as an “incurable behavioral scientist” who is dedicated to helping people and organizations reach their full potential.


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