Severna Park High School’s Success Begins With Outstanding Feeder System

Green Hornets Coaches Prepare Athletes For Falcons


Historically, Severna Park High School’s athletic success has been a model for other high school programs in the region. Since the 1970s and 1980s, the Falcons have had outstanding teams in field hockey and lacrosse. But in recent years, the Falcons have also been state title contenders in baseball, softball, cross country, and track and field.

“This spring, every one of our teams were in a state championship game,” said Falcons Athletic Director Dave Kauffman.

Those accomplishments, as well as lifetime memories, were made by outstanding coaches and athletes, but those roots of athletic prowess began long before the athletes stepped on the Robinson Road campus.

“All of our success begins at the rec level, with the Green Hornets organization,” Kauffman said. “We work hard with communication with those rec coaches by offering clinics and helping the coaches any way we can.”

Last fall, Falcons field hockey coaches provided a clinic to the Green Hornets coaches on fundamentals and training tips so the youth players could be better prepared when they entered high school.

“The Green Hornets field hockey program is a well-run organization,” said Falcons field hockey head coach Shannon Garden. “That program has dedicated coaches and volunteers. Sometimes the coaches will ask questions and I’ll provide them with drills and strategies. This makes our job at high school so much easier because the girls come in skilled and prepared.”

Other Falcons coaches are grateful for the outstanding coaching their players receive in the Green Hornets organization.

Severna Park boys lacrosse head coach Dave Earl has the utmost respect for the Green Hornets organization.

“They do a great job in all sports, and they have knowledgeable parents and dedicated volunteers who teach the fundamentals well,” Earl said. “It’s great that many of the Green Hornet coaches have played lacrosse at a high level and can share their expertise.”

Earl added that part of the Green Hornets culture is to instill great fundamentals.

“Every March, we get players who are excited to get on the field and they are open to learning and being part of a team concept,” Earl said. “Plus, they are great kids, and their parents are very supportive.”

After coaching for 18 years for the Falcons, Severna Park’s varsity softball coach, Meredith McAlister, appreciates all of the Green Hornets coaches’ dedication in making the players better and fundamentally prepared.

“The players have a great basic skill set before they enter high school, and in the past, we’ve held summer camps at the high school’s field for them. This way, they get familiar with our field before their freshman year,” McAlister said.

“One of the really cool aspects of the program is that our current players who used to play for the Green Hornets are helping with skills training at camp for the players who want to be part of the high school team,” McAlister said. “It’s wonderful to watch.”

McAlister also mentioned that over the years, she has received phenomenal support from the parents who have supplied team dinners, snacks for bus rides, and anything they can do to help the program.

The Green Hornets organization, also known as the Greater Severna Park Athletic Association, began in 1949 with Harvey Garcelon and Paul Bigby organizing a few teams with little money and few fields. Those teams traveled across eastern Maryland for games until Garcelon and Bigby could create fields and raise money. Now the Green Hornets boast of a top-tier facility in Kinder Park.

As Severna Park High School raises more championship banners, some of the Falcons’ athletic success belongs to the thousands of coaches, volunteers and parents within the Green Hornets organization who tirelessly give their time.


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