Sharing Joy With The Senior In Your Life


December is a joyous month filled with celebration and activities surrounding the holiday season. Now that December is over, we need to find ways to ensure our loved ones continue to feel the same love and joy throughout the new year.

Some of the following ideas are simple ways to show your love and make a connection with the ones you care most about.

Reminisce and share pictures by either leafing through old family photo albums or enjoying the convenience of digital frames that allow families and friends to share new photos. Spend time reflecting on the memories of days gone by or what lies ahead for younger generations. Photo sharing is a rewarding way to build conversation and share moments of joy.

Music is the key to happiness for many. Make sure that your loved ones have access to something that can play their favorite songs. Whether it be church hymns, holiday music or the golden oldies, music undoubtedly will ignite fond memories. Even those with dementia can recall the lyrics to their favorite songs and sing along without missing a beat.

Take your loved one to see some of the beautiful scenery that our state has to offer. Whether it be downtown Annapolis to the Eastern Shore, or the mountains of Western Maryland, there is nothing like a beautiful sunset or scenic drive to continue to build memories together and spark new conversations.

Don’t let the start of January be the end of celebrating time with your loved one. Sending cards, pictures, magazines, large print books or a care package of some of their favorite snacks are just a few small gestures your loved one will appreciate more than you can imagine!


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