St. John Creates Class Book


Caitlin Sica’s third-grade class at St. John the Evangelist School has won an award from Studentreasures Publishing for their class book. The book highlighted all the ways in which students let their light shine, one way for each letter of the alphabet.

“Our school theme this year is ‘Be the light for all to see’ (Matthew 5:16),” Sica said. “Each student in my class wrote and illustrated a letter for our ABC book detailing how they let their light shine this school year.”

Here are some examples from the book:

“N is for new friends. We let our light shine by caring for our new friends by playing with them at recess.

“P is for prayer partners. In third grade, we have eighth-grade prayer partners. They are our school’s role models. We let our light shine by writing letters to our prayer partners.

“E is for eyes. In third grade we smile, but with our masks on, only our eyes show our happiness. We let our light shine by smiling to give others a bit of happiness on a bad day.”


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