Student-Athlete Of The Month: Joey Tramontana

Severna Park Football, Scrub League Basketball


Whether it’s on the athletic field, in the classroom, or in the community, Severna Park junior Joey Tramontana finds a way to make a difference.

Tramontana is involved with the Severna Park varsity football team, where he wound up being the lead running back by season’s end. He also hopes to make the varsity lacrosse team this spring. He also participates in the Scrub League winter basketball session.

In the classroom, he has a 3.7 GPA, and he is especially strong in math. His leaning toward numbers has him thinking about a future studying business in college.

It’s the combination of sports and academics that helps him stay balanced. Instead of athletics being one more thing to worry about in an already busy high school schedule, Tramontana credits the addition of sports with being the catalyst for some of his best academic work.

“When I’m in season, I usually manage my time better. When I’m out of season, I don’t have something keeping me in line as much, so there’s some time where I’ll just push an assignment back because I can,” he said. “But sports keep me focused on what needs to be done for the day before I go do my activities for the day.”

In the halls of Severna Park High School, most students know Tramontana as an athlete. But he has sought out opportunities to get involved.

“I try to help out whenever I can,” he said of an informal relationship with some school-based inclusiveness programs.

Where his biggest community passion lies is in helping others over the summer. In addition to sorting equipment for Baltimore students through Leveling the Playing Field, Tramontana participated in a summer work camp in South Carolina through Woods Church, as he helped build houses as part of a Habitat for Humanity project.

He enjoyed the experience so much that he hopes to become a student counselor for the program at some point.

“It gave me a view of not living in Severna Park. I’ve lived here my whole life, so it was a good experience to be in a different environment for the week, just to see how others live,” Tramontana said. “I was on the work site helping build the house for the people, and it was good to get to know everyone else and be along on the journey with them.

“My parents have always told me to just never take anything for granted, and it’s stuck with me that there are a lot of less fortunate people. I love when I can help people.”

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