The Parental Bill Of Rights

A Push For Curriculum Transparency


As a proud graduate of Severna Park High School and a mother of soon-to-be five children here in Severna Park, I care deeply about the education of the next generation. Our children need to be prepared to compete in the new global marketplace. That’s why I have been following closely the many pieces of legislation about education and parental rights.

Since the pandemic hit over two years ago, parents have had to be far more involved in their children’s education. That’s a good thing. Children receiving parental involvement tend to succeed. However, the at-home learning exposed what was being taught in the classroom. While many parents want their children to learn the basics, a political agenda was being forced upon students.

To get politics out of the classroom, both governor candidates Kelly Schultz and Dan Cox have presented the Parental Bill of Rights as part of their platforms. In my own Judiciary Committee, Republicans were shocked that Cox’s Parental Bill of Rights was the only bill all session that was voted out of committee with an unfavorable report despite the overwhelming support of parents.

Delegate Kathy Szeliga proposed a simple amendment on the House floor that would simply have required county school boards to post the family life and human sexuality curriculum for each grade on the school websites. This amendment was voted down along party lines.

I respect the hard work that our teachers do day in and day out to educate our children. We are so blessed to have some of the best education in the country here. I also respect parents’ rights to be intimately involved in the education of their children. As we move forward, I strongly believe that there needs to be more transparency and cooperation between schools and parents, which will only benefit our children. Working together will ensure that our children receive the absolute best education possible and will make our community a better place to live, work and raise a family.


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