Volunteer Of The Month: Andy Price Ensures The Carnival Always Comes To Town


For those who know Andy Price, his 19 years as the Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company (EHVFC) carnival chairman are just a sliver of what this uber-volunteer contributes to the station and to the community.

“Yeah, I kind of spend a lot of time here right now,” Price said with a chuckle.

His love for the station can be seen in his custom-made Hawaiian-style shirt adorned with images of Engine 121 and Rescue Truck 12. Whether it’s managing the weekly food trucks or bingo, or jumping in anywhere an extra pair of hands is needed, this board of directors member has been an EHVFC stalwart for more than 30 years.

If you don’t know Price, you know his favorite event, the annual July carnival. The Severna Park tradition began in 1955, and Price remembers attending as a child. His love of the carnival has developed into nearly two decades serving as the guy who makes sure the show goes on.

“The carnival is a way for the community to come here and get involved with us,” Price said. “And it gives us a way to get to know our community.”

While other local carnivals have shut down or seen attendance drop, Price said that’s not the case at EHVFC, a result of dedication and consistency.

“I think part of our success is consistency. We know what we are doing so the community knows what to expect when they get here,” Price added. “We’ve used Jolly Shows, based in Cape St. Claire, for as long as I’ve been chairman, so you know the rides are first class, clean and safe.”

Price makes managing the rides, games, food vendors, first aid, information tent and volunteers look easy, but he’s most proud of making sure the carnival lives up to its longstanding reputation of being a safe and entertaining place for families to come year after year.

Barbara Elgert has been attending the Earleigh Heights carnival since her family moved to Severna Park in 1988. Over the years, she and her family have gotten to know Price because “whatever is going on for the public at the station, Andy is always there. He’s a really great guy.”

When her children were young, Elgert would take her family to the carnival every night it was open. She continues that tradition today with her grandchildren. After attending the carnival for 34 straight years, she and her family continue to enjoy the atmosphere because the carnival is well-run, clean and safe for her family, which is a testament to Price’s leadership.

“Andy and his team do an excellent job making the carnival a secure, family-friendly event,” Elgert said. “I feel very comfortable there knowing that I don’t have to worry about my grandchildren. In fact, whether it’s the bull roast, bingo or event in the hall, the Earleigh Heights events always run smoothly and are focused on the community and families.”

Price admitted that he’s “not a big rides” person, but he does have one tradition. “I’ll get on the Ferris wheel one time during the carnival,” he said. “I like to look down and take pictures of all the people having fun.”

The EHVFC annual carnival comes to town this year from July 11—20. It’s open 6:00pm—10:00pm daily, except Sunday. Proceeds will go toward the construction of a new station to be built between the current hall and the post office.

Price promised that the new station will not interfere with the open field where the carnival and annual Christmas tree sale are set up. “Don’t worry about that!” he added. “The carnival will go on forever, and I plan on being here for as long as I am able.”

To volunteer with the carnival or any other event at Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company, contact Price at akaprice@verizon.net.


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