Weebl Enters The App Store And Doesn’t Wobble


According to Apple, there are more than 1.9 million apps available to download from the App Store. But not every idea has been taken. Severna Park resident David Pechillo and his team have developed a new app called Weebl.

Pechillo, Surendra Goel and Art Binder are the group behind Weebl. Goel, founder of the roadside assistance tech company Urgent.ly, met Binder after he sold them infrastructure. The two tech entrepreneurs realized they had the same frustrations surrounding group chats.

“We came up with the idea because sometimes you need a direct answer to a question, but the answers often get lost in group chats because people tend go off on tangents and get lost in all of the chatter,” Binder said.

After some brainstorming, the idea of Weebl was born. Goel and Binder assembled a team of seven employees, including Binder’s friend Pechillo, and began to build the app in September 2020. Two months later, the company was launched, and in March 2021, Weebl entered the bustling app marketplace.

Through the app, users can ask their friends poll questions via group polls named “Weebls” and avoid the clutter of the usual group chats. Weebl is not limited to text; pictures and sounds can be used. For example, if the user is car shopping and is deciding between two vehicles, they can send pictures that encourage friends to vote on the better option. One aspect where Weebl really stands out is that it is multi-platform. Only the questioner needs the app, as it is compatible with SMS texting.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of Weebl is its incognito mode, which allows users to ask questions anonymously should the questioner want to keep their identity a secret.

“People want to ask questions without being scrutinized,” Binder said. “Incognito mode provides a way to ask and answer questions without any worry. Both sides are protected.”

As for the name Weebl, Binder said the team wanted a fun-sounding word that could also be used as a verb, in the same vein as Facebook or Instagram.

The current version is only a forerunner according to Pechillo, Weebl’s chief growth hacker.

“The app, initially released in March, is merely a beta,” Pechillo said. “We will have an updated product in the next six to eight weeks that will blow the original app out of the water.”

The App Store advertises Weebl with the tagline, “So many questions, yet so little time! Weebl makes asking group questions easy and fun. Invite your friends to answer personalized group polls that combine pictures, video - even anonymity - into interactive bite-sized ‘this or that’ questions and get the feedback you’re looking for.”

It is currently available for free download on the IOS and Android platforms.


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