Why Are Health And Fitness Important To Our Lives?


Health and fitness play a crucial role in our mental and physical well-being. Having control of these elements is key to a well-balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle.

The first element that health and fitness have an impact on is our mental health. Mental health is composed of the way we think, feel and act. Being able to think clearly, make well-thought-out decisions while controlling our emotional state and being able to act calmly in times of stress. When our bodies are inactive and we eat unhealthy foods, the efficiency of our bodies suffer, in turn creating distress, unpleasant moods and making us more likely to act on impulse. Exercising regularly and having healthy eating habits acts as an outlet in helping to decrease stress, anxiety and depression, allowing the body to function at its best. We then can rationalize our emotions and our thoughts better, as well as being less likely to act on impulse to a situation that deserves our mind to be clearer and more attentive.

The second crucial role health and fitness take part in is our physical health. Physical health is the state of the body being free of injury or illness. Having strength and mobility to do everyday tasks and activities is important for independence and longevity. Physical exercise helps raise confidence, creates a higher metabolism aiding in weight loss, helps lower blood pressure, as well as slowing down chances of osteoporosis. After age 30, the average inactive adult can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass, resulting in greater risks of injuries and immobility. Dedicating a minimum of 150 minutes a week for moderate physical exercise can be beneficial to gaining more muscle mass, increasing bone density, decreasing chance of heart disease, boosting energy levels, as well as promoting better sleep habits. These are just a few of the many benefits physical activity has on the body.

In conclusion, health and fitness are not only beneficial to our overall mental and physical health but are also a necessity for our well-being. Regular exercise and healthy food choices can be life-changing when dealing with any kind of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and stress. Individuals have everyday stressors on the mind and body that we cannot control, but the key is to build a strong, healthy mind and body to be able to adjust when necessary, learning to control the things that we can, and being disciplined and determined enough to never quit or give up on yourself!


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