Continuing Service Beyond The Session


“It must be a lot quieter for you now that you’re not in session, huh?”

This question is a common one I have heard since the Maryland General Assembly adjourned sine die in April. As many are aware, the regular session of the Maryland General Assembly spans a mere 90 days from January to April, during which we work in earnest to pass laws for the state. It might appear logical that the remainder of the year entails a lull in my responsibilities as a senator.

However, this couldn't be further from reality.

Following our adjournment on April 10, I've been busily engaged in an array of activities, including:

  • Participating in multiple bill signings alongside the governor. Notably, seven of my bills successfully navigated the General Assembly and received the governor's signature. These events celebrated the bills' transformation into law and acknowledged the dedicated advocates who supported their passage.
  • Reviewing around 70 applications for my senatorial scholarship. Subsequently, my team and I awarded substantial scholarship funds to 39 deserving students within District 33.
  • Crafting my post-session letter, summarizing the accomplishments achieved during the legislative session and disseminating it to constituents who had reached out to my office.
  • Accepting an invitation to the National Conference of State Legislators Health Law Seminar in California. The seminar enriched my understanding of strategies and policies geared toward enhancing health and health care systems.
  • Engaging with constituents through town hall gatherings alongside my House of Delegates colleagues and delivering speeches at multiple community association meetings.
  • Completing the Public Policy Conflict Resolution Fellowship program, presented in collaboration with the University of Maryland School of Law and the Maryland judiciary. This initiative helped me develop better consensus-building skills, striving for more effective and sustainable solutions to Maryland's vital public policy matters.
  • Being chosen for the Emerging Leaders Program by the State Legislative Leaders Foundation at the University of Virginia Business School. This transformative program facilitated collaboration with legislators from across the nation, fostering bipartisanship and providing valuable insight into the role of state legislatures in contemporary American politics.
  • Collaborating with my team to strategize our legislative agenda for 2024. This has involved evaluating, researching and analyzing the bills we intend to advance.
  • Engaging with numerous constituents on critical matters, attending community functions, participating in various ribbon-cutting ceremonies for new or established businesses, attending events like Eagle Scout Courts of Honor, interacting with Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, holding discussions with fellow state and county leaders on community improvement, interfacing with stakeholders and advocates of upcoming legislative proposals, meeting with community groups, schools, and nonprofits regarding requests for state funding, and much more.

This is just a glimpse of my extensive activities.

Even during non-session periods, my dedicated staff continues to work full-time, addressing constituent concerns. Whether it's improving pedestrian crosswalks or navigating bureaucratic complexities, we're here to assist and provide the necessary answers.

Beyond the aforementioned commitments, like all of you, I'm juggling family responsibilities through a bustling summer, which includes swim meets, summer camps and family trips. All of this is balanced alongside my "day job" as an attorney. Despite the long hours and demanding days, it's an immense privilege to serve. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for affording me the honor of representing you.

We're in the process of planning additional town hall events for the upcoming fall — stay tuned for dates. As always, should you have suggestions for legislation or require assistance from my office, please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing


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