Green Hornets Soccer Champions


Several Green Hornets soccer teams finished strong seasons in October and November. Here is what their coaches had to say.


Third/Fourth-Grade Boys

Team Name: Strikers

Coaches: Marc Procaccini and Thomas Hamlett

Players: Connor Burdette, Benjamin Deitz, Luke Hamlett, Dexter Guo, Luca Lembo, Jason Fan, Micah Turner, Braxton Reppert, Thomas A’Beckett, Dominic Procaccini, Caden Howells and Lawton Bloomfield

The Strikers won the 2023 third/fourth-grade boys championship with a 2-0 victory over a Severna Park Maroon team on the turf at Kinder Park on November 11.

As was the case all season, it started with the Strikers’ defense. Dexter Guo was an impenetrable wall in goal, while Luke Hamlett, Luca Lembo, Braxton Reppert and Micah Turner stifled the opponent’s offense and continuously pushed the ball up to the offense. From there, Lawton Bloomfield controlled the Strikers’ offense by serving up timely passes to Thomas A’Beckett, Benjamin Deitz, Jason Fan and Dominic Procaccini. After a tough back-and-forth match, Caden Howells finished a great shot to put the Strikers up 1-0, which is where it stood at halftime. After switching sides, the Strikers came out in the second half and applied even more pressure. Howells put another beauty in the back of the net, and Connor Burdette nearly scored a third. The whistle finally blew, and the Strikers were champions.

Winning that match capped off an undefeated season for the Strikers, who finished with a regular season record of 6-0-1. It was a season of growth for each player on the squad. Fan showed increased confidence each week, and he scored a goal as well. Turner stepped up on defense and turned back opponents all season. Burdette’s footwork improved immensely, shown by his goal in the regular season. Deitz had a tenacity that allowed him to contribute all over the field.

Guo showed flashes of brilliance with his footwork, while stopping countless shots in goal. Reppert’s speed allowed him to be a menace up and down the field. Procaccini always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, finishing crosses with astonishing power.

Lembo and Hamlett were the cornerstone of the Strikers’ defense all season. Lembo mastered the throw-in and had several perfect assists. Hamlett consistently made high IQ plays and scored four goals. A’Beckett was the starter at center mid all season for a reason. He manufactured plays for others and scored many goals. Howells’ skill in the field and in goal shined brightly in every game. And finally, Bloomfield embodied the game all over the field with his speed, passing and talent as a keeper.

Third/Fourth-Grade Girls

Team Name: Starstruck

Coaches: Ryan Keperling and Mike Maycock

Players: Abigail Etter, Adelyn Keperling, Ava Maycock, Ava Morgan, Caroline Hayslip, Katherine Sysko, Lauren Hepp, Lillian Cottle, Madison Andelman, Nora Bednarski, Quinn Wisner and Vivienne Tolios

Starstruck won the 2023 third/fourth-grade girls championship in style with a 4-1 victory over a talented Red team on the turf at Kinder Park on November 11. With the offense putting consistent pressure on goal throughout the half, Adelyn Keperling tucked home the opener early and Katie Sysko began her account midway into the period. Lauren Hepp then finished from close range to take a commanding 3-0 lead into halftime.

A staunch defensive effort throughout the match limited opposition chances, and midway into the second, Sysko made a weaving run through the defense and scored from long range to notch a brace before Starstruck conceded late when the result was already well in hand. On the season, Starstruck finished 9-0-1 behind 53 goals scored and 18 allowed.

Aggressive off her line and dependable in distribution, Lily Cottle took over goalkeeping duties midway through the season and delivered some gems, including two clean sheets in the playoffs. Stout defending by Ava Morgan, Ava Maycock and Caroline Hayslip throughout the season diffused most of the danger and were a hallmark of the squad, eliminating threats and maintaining shape with the attack. Strong midfield play from Madison Andelman, Abi Etter, Quinn Wisner, Nora Bednarski and Vivienne Tolios sustained a hardworking high press and provided ample scoring opportunities up front while delivering their share of goals. A high-powered attack led by Katie Sysko, Adelyn Keperling and Lauren Hepp authored a consistent barrage of threats on goal, as Starstruck averaged over five goals per game.

Fifth/Sixth-Grade Boys

Coaches: Brad Carey, Sam Mitchell and Altin Pelteku

Manager: Jaime Trevillian

Players: Emilio Alarcon, Cooper Carey, Oliver Daccarett, Connor MacQuilliam, Andrew Magette, Elliott Martin, Noah Mitchell, Darren Morrissey, Cameron Ochalek, Stephen Pelteku, Gavin Simmons, Shane Tomassi, Maverick Trevillian and Christopher Tsai

Fifth/Sixth-Grade Girls

Team Name: Blue Angels

Coaches: Ross Brinson, David Greenwood and Victor Mesa

Players: Cassandra Brinson, Sloane DeCosmo, Lucy Distin, Olivia Flanagan, Abigail Fritz, Allie Greenwood, Emma Greenwood, Emerson Hall, Lillie Jarrell, Mikaela Kern, Wesley Laffey, Isabela Mesa, Louie Miller, Addison Roth and Madelyn Soraparu

The Blue Angels won the fifth/sixth-grade girls championship with a hard-fought win at Kinder Farm Park this November. After trailing for the first time all season, the Blue Angels found themselves down 1-0 toward the end of the first half. The team was resilient and found a way to apply steady pressure, which resulted in an equalizer put in the back of the net by Sloane DeCosmo with three minutes left in the first half. Shortly after, Lucy Distin sent a nice cross on a corner kick, which found the foot of DeCosmo for her second goal of the game. From there, the Blue Angels’ defense took over and did not allow a goal in the second half, as the team ultimately took home the title with a final score of 2-1.

The girls steadily improved as individual players and as a team throughout the season. They completed an undefeated season.

Seventh/Eighth-Grade Boys

Team Name: Zombies

Coaches: Steve Matters and Adam Pegues

Players: Zain Al-hadidi, Andrew Binnie, Nathan Chen, Zachary Comboy, Grayson DeCosmo, Lachlan Ewing, Liam FitzGerald, Maxwell Gilman, Noah Gray, Brooks Gronowksi, Dylan Hopkins, Nathaniel Kelley, Thomas Martin, Logan Matters, Bryan Pegues, Robert Rice, Carson Robinson, Kyle Schuller, Owen Tong-Holcomb and Stuart Werner

The seventh/eighth-grade boys Zombies team prevailed in an exciting championship game, 2-1, after extra time. With the Zombies trailing 1-0 late in regulation, defender Drew Binnie passed a long ball ahead to wing Max Gilman, who made a great cross through the box, finding center mid and leading scorer Bryan Pegues, who drove home the game-tying goal with two minutes remaining. In the extra period, the Zombies wasted no time in securing the trophy, as striker LJ Matters fired a shot into the corner of the net from 15 yards out for the walk-off golden goal.

Liam FitzGerald and Brooks Gronowski provided key offensive contributions, while outstanding defense led by keepers Zach Comboy and Nate Kelley, as well as defenders Dylan Hopkins and Owen Tong-Holcomb, kept the Zombies in the game until their two late goals secured the victory.

Seventh/Eighth-Grade Girls

Coaches: Jason Hepp, Scott Petrey and Brian Quill

Players: Lily Carlton, Lily Fithyan, Charlotte Forthofer, Addison Gray, Sophia Hepp, Adrianna Hernandez, Jenny McClure, Hannah Mckinstry, Morgan Miller, Juliana Mufareh, Caitlynn Nunn, Nora Petrey, Ryleigh Quill, Emily Rausch, Grace Shelling, Allyson Stansbury, Olivia Tomassi and Kristen Wilson


U8 Boys Division 1 Champions

Coaches: Anthony Malcolm and Mat Merriman

Players: (Top row, left to right) Coach Mat Merriman, Christopher Comegys, Hudson Merriman, Mitchell Baker, Callen Viera, Christian Ribeiro, Oliver Taddeo, Coach Tony Malcolm. (Bottom row, left to right) Liam Harvey, Bennett Copper, Leo Malcolm, Vincent Marino, Ethan Phippen and Remington DeOrio

The Severna Park Green Hornets select BU8 D1 travel team went undefeated in their first season together and won their first tournament, the Arundel Cup in October. They finished as league champions.

All season long, the team showed tremendous skill and determination, as they competed at a high level in both their training sessions and games. Players were frequently asked to play in different or unfamiliar positions throughout the season and also play a style of soccer that is more team-focused and pass-oriented, all while maintaining a high level of sportsmanship and respect for the game and their opponent. The boys responded positively to this challenge and their coaches could not be prouder.

U8 Girls Division 1 Champions

Team Name: Greater Severna Park - Lady Cheetahs

Coaches: Casey Banks and Megan Taylor

Players: Harper Bloomfield, Rylan Taylor, Adaline Lee, Reese Laddbush, Olivia Banks, Izzy Riley, Savannah Rohe, Savannah Watts, Savannah Harlin and Kennedy Gilliam

The 2016 Lady Cheetahs came together as a team for the first time this fall and had an undefeated county season, scoring 91 goals. The team was led by three fast strikers, Rylan Taylor, Savannah Rohe and Savannah Harlin. Supporting the offense was a talented midfield crew of Savannah Watts, Harper Bloomfield and Reese Ladbush. To go an entire county season with only two goals scored against them, the Cheetahs relied heavily on their strong defenders — Adaline Lee, Kennedy Gilliam and Izzy Riley — coupled with a superstar performance from goalie Olivia Banks.

Their first tournament as a team was at the Columbia Cup where they met some fierce competition and lost two hard-fought battles. But the Lady Cheetahs finished their season in an exciting U8 Fallston Cup championship game, losing 0-1 in a BraveHeart double-overtime finish against Cockeysville FC Blue.

After regulation ended in a scoreless tie, the first five minutes of the overtime required both teams to pull their goalie and keep only four people on the field. Rylan Taylor, Savannah Rohe, Adaline Lee and Harper Bloomfield worked hard and dominated those minutes but couldn't get the ball in the net. The next five minutes, the Lady Cheetahs went three-versus-three but lost after Cockeysville got ahead of a goal kick and tapped it into an open net.

U9 Boys Division 4 Co-Champions

Team Name: Galaxy

Coaches: Jeremiah Grossman (right), Scott Petrey (left) and Chris Capasso (not pictured)

Players: (First row, left to right) Emerson Grossman, Owen McCluskey, Niko Capasso, James Hofstetter, Wells Ashton, Brooks Bass. (Second row, left to right) Charlie Dann, Brecken Dunlow, Ellis Petrey, Jake Fava, Barrett Kondratyuk and Benny Powdrell

On November 5, Severna Park Galaxy defeated Elkridge United 2-1 to avenge an earlier loss and finish as co-champions with five wins, two losses and one draw. A strong defense anchored by Charlie Dann, Brooks Bass and goalkeeper James Hofstetter held their opponents to 17 goals, while a balanced offense led by Owen McCluskey scored 29 goals. The following nine players scored goals and made important contributions at midfield and striker: Barrett Kondratyuk, Benny Powdrell, Brecken Dunlow, Ellis Petrey, Emerson Grossman, Jake Fava, Niko Capasso, Owen McCluskey and Wells Ashton.

Most importantly, each athlete played hard and fair, improving significantly over the course of the season.

U11 Boys Division 5 Champions

Team Name: 2013 GSPAA Black

Coaches: Mike Little and Dan Neal

Players: (Front row) Reid Nowakowski, Matthew Little, Cameron Osborne, Gabriel Murphy, Declan McCluskey. (Middle row) Jackson Rohrer, Noah Mills, Ethan Simm, Luke Kelly, Andrew Neal, Eddie Kling. (Back row) Pacston Harvey, Ben Rogers, Abram Wissel, Keller Pollock and Jagger Eschenburg

The 2013 Greater Severna Park Athletic Association (GSPAA) Black team went 8-2 in their division and 11-4-2 overall in their first season together, winning the county championship. This group of boys worked hard all year, displaying exceptional skill, teamwork and resilience. From the outset, the players exhibited a commendable level of determination and dedication, consistently raising the bar in both practice and competitive matches. The players seamlessly navigated through challenges, including adapting to various positions and embracing a pass-oriented style of play. This season stands as a testament to the hard work and unity that defined the team's successful journey.

U18 Boys Division 2 Champions

Team Name: GSPAA Maroon

Coaches and players: (Left to right) coach Doug Mules, Ryan Graves, Nate Campion, Jude Lascola, Robby Haufe, Gabe Slater, Casey Booth, Andy Glesmann, team captain Will Love, Finn Ackerman, Aidan Johnson, Andy Ligterink, Spencer Feldman, Joey Tomar, team manager Matt Dove, Arley Mules, Jameson Murray, Kiley Curran, Reed Kimmel, Rachel Carmon (Not pictured: Coach Scott Ayers

The GSPAA Maroon team won the boys U18 Division 2 with a final record of 9-1. As has been the case for the past few years, the team emphasized strong defensive play, allowing only seven goals throughout the 10-game season. This year’s team balanced that defensive effort with unselfish offensive play. Ten players scored goals, with the team scoring a total of 36 goals on the season. Most of the players will return to defend their championship in the spring season, before nearly all of them graduate high school and move on to their next adventures.

U18 Girls 11v11 Division Champions

Team Name: Maroon Team

Coaches: Scott Ayers, Greg Hayes and Nadia Abdolahi

Players: Ally Chase, Zoey Evora, Breanna Foreman, Caitlin Gaver, Ally Jones, Lydia MacFarland, Ava McPhee, Kaitlyn Miller, Paige Miller, Emma Ritter, Ashlyn Rose, Avery Serpa, Linnia Warner, Becca Widmer, Tabitha Brewis (not pictured), Bess Carr (not pictured), Kate Livingston (not pictured) and Peyton Westlund (not pictured)

The Green Hornets girls U18 11-versus-11 Maroon team won their division. Anchored by unselfish play, the team held seven of 10 opponents scoreless. For several of the players, this was their second consecutive division title, having won their AAYSA fall 2022 girls U18 seven-versus-seven division.


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