Joy, Gratitude And Faith Bloom In Author’s Book


Growing up in Ghana, Severna Park resident Asantewaa Tweedie faced adversities that most Americans cannot imagine or understand, but she never lacked opportunities to face challenges and attack them with unbridled, bold faith.

“God is right there next to you,” Tweedie said. “Let him love you.”

Tweedie’s book, “A Bouquet of Flowers,” is a spiritual read for everyone regardless of where they are in their faith journey or relationship with God.

“A Bouquet of Flowers” reads like a leisurely stroll through an expansive botanical garden in the spring, like stopping to read each placard at the roots of fragrant, colorful and delicate plants and the joyful realization the beauty of each petal is a creation and a gift from God.

“My book is my appreciation of life,” said Tweedie, who shares her experiences in receiving God’s love, loving yourself and loving one another. “Writing has been my getaway to share what’s on my mind that I wasn’t able to say before.”

Tweedie’s parents separated when she was a young child in Ghana. She was loved unconditionally by her father but faced challenges, none of which she allows to define her or diminish her faith.

“Adversity is a bridge, not a burden,” she said. “My book is an attempt to show people how to be appreciative of everything we have. Everything we have is a gift from God. A privilege. Everything. We turn on the faucet and warm water comes out. That’s a privilege. I think we have too much and that excess fosters entitlement. We need to slow down and return to God.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing and released in November 2023, “A Bouquet of Flowers” is filled with delicate, colorful illustrations of botanical gifts. Each flower represents characteristics or qualities. Tweedie provides explanations of each bloom, spreading her seeds of wisdom and nourishing each page with sprinklings of Bible passages and reflections.

Tweedie’s attitude of gratitude and joy radiates from the pages of her book, and her infectious personality and smile. Her passion for gardening led her to compare God’s love to plants. As she spent more time in gardens, Tweedie felt God was communicating to her through flowers.

“It is time to present to God a bouquet of flowers. He is a love waiting patiently for affection,” said Tweedie, speaking about equating gratitude to a flower. “I am encouraging this analogy to every act of kindness as a flower. When you act with kindness, joy, love and gratitude, you choose to share a flower. It’s time to present God with a bouquet of flowers.”

“A Bouquet of Flowers” is available on all major book retail sites as well as for a 10% discount as of mid-January.


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