Liquor Stores Stock Up For Holiday Season

Busiest Time Of The Year For Buying Beer, Wine And Liquor


Stores in Severna Park and Arnold are ready for another bustling holiday season as many residents will choose wine, beer and spirits as gifts.

“It is by far our busiest time of the year,” said Cheers & Spirits general manager Lacey Barry. “This time of the year, our beer, wine and liquor fly off the shelves, but we make sure we always have a great variety to choose from.”

Barry also mentioned that seasonal liquors, such as peppermint schnapps and vanilla and caramel crèmes, are in high demand.

The cold weather also ushers in different tastes in wine and beer as stores stock up on heavier beverages.

“We sell a large amount of cabernets and the full-body red wines as well as the heavier beers,” Barry said. “The local breweries have some great heavier beers, and the stout beers are very popular during the holiday season.”

Many shoppers looking for the perfect gift for coworkers, friends and family members are encouraged to ask each store’s staff for ideas.

“We get a good number of folks who are looking for that unique gift and we always ask questions about what is the event and/or the person’s taste,” said Magothy Wine and Spirits general manager Jen Nance. “We sell a good bit of bourbon during the winter months as people will sit around the fire pit as well as cocktail parties and dinner events.”

Other creative holiday gift ideas include glassware sets with different products as well as bottle etchings.

“We like to offer unique gift ideas to our customers, and we try to meet their requests,” said Fishpaws Marketplace owner Kim Lawson. “We also highlight the local breweries as they have special holiday packaging that makes for a great presentation.”

Lawson said Fishpaws Marketplace also tries to provide customers with a one-stop shopping convenience by offering specialized cheese and charcuterie boards for holiday events.

She also noted that canned cocktails and eggnogs are popular during the holiday season.

Representatives from several liquor stores suggested that customers shop early and remember that delivery is an option.

“We know that with the holiday season comes stress and limited time available for shopping,” Lawson said. “If we can make their lives a little easier by delivering their beer, wine and spirit needs, then everyone is merrier.”

Barry also reminds shoppers not to wait until the holiday week to buy their products.

“We tell our customers to buy the product when they see it,” Barry said. “The distributors are inundated with orders during the season, and they do their best to quickly fulfill our orders.”

For anyone who can’t find the perfect choice, gift cards are a good alternative. Check each store’s website for unique holiday specials throughout the season.


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